It is not first but also will be not last cnc router what I built. Pictures explains a lot so if you have question please write as comment.

Step 1: Gantry Parts

I have here some aluminium extrusion parts 45x90 mm

Step 2: Assemble Time.

I used here 45x90 Sigma Extrusion and 20mm Aluminium plates.

Lineer system HG20 which is enough to carry very smooth the Gantry.

Step 3: Cable Carriage and Extrusion Work Area

I used here 15x120 Extrusion for working area.

But still I put a MDF plate under the work piece to keep it safe.

If you want to cut some fine and small thing not necessary to put something under it.

Step 4: Electronic Parts

I had as step motor driver TB6560 single axis and LPT Breakout board

Step 5: Z Axis and Completion

I have here Acme Lead screw 25x05 mm and for Y axis I used 16x05 mm.

You can have data info's if you google motor type.

Step 6: Here Z Axis Done

Step 7: Finally Is Completed

I can cut aluminium very well, like mdf, pvc and all other materials.

Soon I will put more info and more detail about building.

If you need additional info please write a comment.