Introduction: (EX) Arduino Enemy-Detecting Radar

In this project, I will show you how to make an enemy-detecting radar to fend off your home base. The process is very simple, just follow my step and your neighbor shall never steal your fruits again once you installed this device!

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(major) Materials needed:

Arduino Leonardo Plate

Ultrasonic sensor

LCD plate


Step 1: Wiring

Wire your LCD screen to your Arduino plate first. The location of the wires is labeled in the picture. Then, secure your Ultrasonic sensor on top of the motor, as shown in the photo, I used cardboard plus some needles and putty. Then, wire your ultrasonic sensor as well as the motor to your Arduino plate. Heres how my wiring looks like!

Step 2: Programming

Now, programming is really easy, why? Because I included the codes already of course! Visit here ( to gain access to the codes. Now, open your Arduino app, copy and paste that link in, and you're good to go!

Step 3: Setting Up

Now that you are done, it is time to set up your device. I chose to put it in a box so that it can be easily placed on any surface. Personally, I find the putty (shown in picture) very useful when securing things, all you have to do is just tear it apart and rub it, repeat for a while and it will be super sticky! Finally, there you have it! Your own enemy-detecting radar! Put it beside your front door and prepare your confetti to surprise your friend when they come!