WOOD REQUIRED: Simplified, I used available scrap wood. Your's will look better than mine.

1/4" finish grade plywood... 2' x 2' . For front, back, sides and top.

1/2" Plywood 6" x 6" for base.

Wood dowels: 1@ 3/8" round x 1" long. 3 @ 1/4" round x 1" long. 1 @ 1/4" round x 2" long.

1/2" Plywood cut to 1/2" x 1/2" x 3 3/4" long.

Thin Balsa wood ( or substitute thin cardboard) 3/4" x 2" .


1 small eye screw about 5/8" long with 1/8" hole.

1 medium eye screw about 1" long with 1/4" hole.

1 piece of stiff wire 3" long.

1 Victor mouse trap.

A few small pebbles or rocks.

2 strips of thin leather cut to 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Wood glue


Fine tooth hand saw or jigsaw.

Scroll saw, hand or power.

STEP 1: Cut 1/4" plywood front, back, top and sides to dimensions in figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

STEP 2: Cut door out of front panel with scroll saw to dimensions in figure 7.

STEP 3: Cut 1/4" strips out of leftover 1/4" plywood. You will need 2 @ 4 1/2" long for back of front panel. 2 @ 3" long for side panels, ( 1 for each panel ). 4 strips for top 2 @ 5" long and 2 @ 4 1/2" long.

STEP 4: Turn top, front, left side, and right side upside down. Glue 1/4" strips onto pieces as shown in figures 8, 9, 10,11. Also, on bottom of front panel. Glue 1/2" x 1/2" x 3 3/4" plywood strip. DO NOT GLUE TO DOOR ! JUST GLUE ON ENDS TO FRONT PANEL. See figure 12.

STEP 5: Get door that you cut out in step 2. Lay down outside up. Glue 2 @ 1/2" x 1 1/4" leather strips to right side of door about 1/2" down from top and 1/2" up from bottom, and 1/4" round x 1" long wood dowel to left side of door about 2" up from bottom and 1/2" in from side. See figure 13A. After glue is dry turn door over and screw small eye screw into back of door 3/4" up from bottom and 1/2" in from side as shown in figure 13B. Insert door into outside of front panel and glue leather strips on door to front panel. Note: you may wish to use tape to hold door in place while glue dries.

STEP 6: Glue finished front panel to 1/2" thick 6" x 6" base. 3/4" from right side and 1 1/4" back from front edge. See figure 14. Prep Victor mouse trap by removing bait holder and installing medium eye screw in location shown in figure 18. Glue mouse trap to base as shown in figure 14. 3 3/4" back from front of front panel or 5" back from front edge of base. Center mouse trap to front panel.

STEP 7: Lay left side, top and back down, inside up. Glue a 1/4" round x 1" long dowels to back and left side panel as shown in figures 15 and 16. Glue 3/8" round x 1" long dowel to top (roof) as shown in figure 17.

STEP 8: Take 3" long piece of wire and put small loop in one end. Wire must be 2 5/8" long after loop is made. Attach loop to small eye screw on back of door and close loop. Wire should be loose enough to move freely, lay over mouse trap and be long enough to reach through medium eye screw when door is closed. See photo of trap set.

STEP 9: Make "BEWARE OF GAS" sign. Use thin balsa wood or thin cardboard cut as shown in figure 19. Glue 1/4" x 2" wood dowel to back of sign flush to top extending past the bottom. After glue is dry, glue sign to base on left side of outhouse and glue a few pebbles around base. See photos.

STEP 10: Stain, paint or finish however you wish.

STEP 11: Assemble outhouse. Set mouse trap then stand sides up against front panel, stand back panel up between side panels. See overhead photo of trap set and sides up. Set top (roof) on top of sides.

STEP 12: Lure unsuspecting person to outhouse, say it has little toilet and urinal inside and to open door and see for theirself. Scares them everytime!

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