Colours and emotions are inseparable. Colours play a very important role in creating an atmosphere of mood . It can make us happy or sad, frustrated or relaxed, focused or distracted . All you have to do is set the right colour to make your day a perfect one .

So here we have come up with an exquisite model on mood lamps so that we could be the reason behind your beautiful smile. The model we have described below is rather a simple one. Many coloured lights can be produced by adjusting the 3 knobs of the mood lamp with each knob being inserted on to the shaft of the potentiometer.

So let's begin our journey of making of the mood lamp. We hope that you will like it.

Step 1: Gathering the Requirements

  • Arduino UNO
  • Usb cable (A to B type)
  • RGB LEDs' (3 units)
  • Potentiometer (3 units)
  • Jumper wires ( Lazy to count, sorry)
  • Bread board
  • Thermofoam
  • Metlok 743
  • OHP sheets (5 x A4)
  • Butter paper(1 sheet)
  • 3D printed outer body ( refer the step 2 for the same)

We have attached the picture of each of the requirements we used for your reference.

Step 2: Professionalising Using 3D Printer

Searching for a good design is the hardest part as we think a lot and end up in confusion.If you find yourself in this state then you have come to the right place as you could use our design . The design we created is simple at the same time an innovative one. You could either use a 3D printer to print this or thermofoam (or cardboard) would also do good.

DISCLAIMER: If you go wrong while printing your own design, do not panic because you are not the only one to do the mistake , even we have gone wrong in our first attempt (but we fixed it). So even you could try fixing it or just print it again after rectifying the errors you made in your previous attempt..

Note: Once you download the files, import them to tinkercad .Opening the downloaded file directly may show you errors.

Step 3: Designing the Circuit

Do the circuit connections as shown in the figure .You could even make the connections and solder them together so that they will remain affixed strongly.

Be careful and do not burn your hands, we care about your well being too.

Lastly make sure that the RGB you use is not burnt.

Step 4: Witchcraft Spells for the Working of Moodlamp

We will now move on to the most important step in the making of the mood lamp, the programming. Without this there is no mood and no lamp .

Here is the program we used .

int a,b,c;

void setup()










void loop()









Step 5: Assemble and Stay in Euphoria Forever

The final step in the making of the mood lamp is assembling the components after which we can stay in euphoria.

So let’s begin assembling and complete the model .

Hope you enjoyed this journey.