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External hard disk drive is little hard to carry safely.

Here's the best & cheap way to carry your external HDD safely in all weather conditions.

All the material used in this project for making a external hard disk drive protector case is all leftovers from day-today life.

Step 1: What You Need.

All the material used in this project for making a external hdd protector case is all leftovers from day-today life.
1.Chocolate box or any other durable box. (It must be durable, solid)
2.Bubble wrap & soft non static foam wraps which are leftovers of any packing.(For making our box shockproof)
3.Seasor.(For cutting the soft cushion to make it perfectly fit in box)
4.Glue.(To stick our shockproof cushion in box)

Step 2: Cut the Bubble Wrap & Non-static Foam Wrap in Perfect Size.

Cut the bubble wrap & non-static foam wrap in perfect size as per the box.

Note:- We are using non-static wraps which helps to save your hdd from any static charge damage.

Step 3: Making a Better Cushion for Box & It's Lid Too.

After cutting the bubble & non-static foam warp in perfect size, make a 3-layer cushion where bubble wrap is middle layer & non-static foam wrap is on both side of it.

It makes a better shock absorbing, soft & safe cushion which also helps hdd to be in it's position, so when your box(case) will slip from your hand or else in any condition this cushion absorb all the shock & also keep hdd in it's place safely.

Step 4: Cut the Edges & Corner to Make It Perfectly Fit in Box(case).

Cut the edges & corner to make it perfectly fit in box(case).

We are cutting the edges as when will put that cushion in box(case) it will cover bottom as well as sides.

Due to this cushion will fit in box(case) without any joins & complications.

Step 5: Stick the Cushion in the Box(case) & It's Lid.

Stick the cushion in the box(case) & it's lid with help of glue.

Also make sure that you are gluing it's sides too.

It will keep your cushion in place & fixed.

Step 6: It's Ready for Use.

Now it's ready for use.

Chose your box(case) wisely (as per your hdd size).

My external hdd fits now perfectly with its data chords too.

You can color you case as you want & customize it to be in style with safety.

Now I'm ready & can travel with my external HDD without worries.

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