EXTREMELY Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

Introduction: EXTREMELY Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas!

Hi guys!! So I know there is still plenty of time for halloween but if you don’t have time to prepare a costume or you are invited to a last minute party, in this video I will show you some super simple ideas to make a costume.

For this idea you will need: A gray shirt, yellow tape, red cardstock and some printed street names. The first thing you need to do is of course print some street names and some bus icons from Google maps and the cut them out. Then start sticking your tape on the shirt so it looks like streets from Google maps. Then simply tape the names of the streets and the bus icons. And finally make some red pins and stick them too. Cut the excess tape And you will have your Google maps costume.

For the second costume you will need: Some black pants, a black top, a black tail and some cat ears headband. The first thing you need to do is sew your tail to the back of the top. For the tail you can use any black robe belt or find it really cheap at any costume store. You can use anything that looks like a cat tail, mine for example is the handle of a purse.
The easiest way to paint a cat nose is making a heart and then making some lines on your cheeks. You can also make a sign that says adopt me to make the costume cuter. And that’s it! Now you are a cat!

For the next costume you will need: a black skirt or dress, a black top, and something with a white collar. I know this costume isn’t really a DIY but it’s so simple that it’s the perfect last minute costume. Just wear the clothes and make some pig tales, add a little bit of black eye shadow under your eyes and don’t forget to use the lightest foundation you can find. And you will be Wednesday Addams!

For the last costume you will need: a cardboard sign and a marker. This is literally the easiest costume I could think of , you just need to write on the sign nudist on strike and wear normal clothes. And bum! You are now a nudist on strike.

So I hope you like these ideas, I tried to make them as easy as I could so I hope you can use them if you are in a hurry. Leave me your request in the comment section and thanks for watching!

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    lmilligan gray
    lmilligan gray

    4 years ago

    Love your nufidt on strike idea.

    These are great ideas! The google maps costume is so creative even though it's so simple and the nudist on strike is hilarious! Awesome job!