Introduction: EZ Emoji Cake

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I'm no professional cake decorator or am I the best baker in the world, but this is so easy anyone can make this cake! Just try it for yourself, and impress at any birthday party or celebration!

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

To make this Easy (almost) as 1 2 3 Emoji cake, you need to do a little bit of prep before hand.

- You will need to print a picture of your selected emoji which will be approximately the size of your cake [face].
- You will then need to use Scissors to cut around the emoji face
- You will need 2 cakes (any of your favourite cake recipes) which must be fully cooled.
- You will need your favourite frosting (it must be thick [there must also be a resonable amount] enough to hold 2 cakes together).

- You will need brown chocolate flavoured fondant (ready to roll icing)

- You will need yellow fondant (ready to roll icing) - You will need a cake board ect. - You will need Offset Spatula or knife - You will need a fondant roller or rolling pin - You will need icing sugar(confectioners sugar)

Step 2: Frost the Cakes!

Now that everything is prepped and ready, take a small amount of frosting and smooth it out on your serving tray. It should look like a smudge of frosting in the centre of your tray/board. This is just so the cake will not slip and slide while you are decorating it.

Place the cake onto the board so it is centred, just like we did the frosting. Put a generous amount of frosting onto the centre of the cake and using a knife(or offset spatula) spread it out evenly. Put the second cake ontop and then begin to frost the whole two cakes! You don't want this layer to be too thick, though. So make it resonable! Put that in the fridge for 5 minutes max. you don't want the frosting to harden too much.

Step 3: Adding the Layer of Fondant

Dust a work surface with a generous amount of icing sugar(confectioners sugar) and begin to roll out your yellow fondant(ready to roll icing). Depending on how big your cake is (W x H) you may need to adjust measurements, but the best advice I can give you is to roll your fondant out 1.5 to 2 times bigger than the cake itself. [It should be 1/8th of an inch thick so it wont rip easily]This is so you have an even layer of fondant covering your cake. Now that your fondant is rolled out, using a large rolling pin, roll up the fondant and cover the cake. Since you rolled it out about 2 times bigger than you needed, you should have a lot of excess. Smooth out the cake using your hands and with a knife remove the excess.

NOTE: Don't fret. If you've gotten the measurements all wrong for your fondant and you're running a bit short but you have some extra fondant, roll it out to the same thickness and put it on the patches that haven't been covered.

Step 4: Adding the Emoji Features

Remember the emoji face you cut out? It's time to bring your scissors back out!

Cut out the features of your emoji, so the eyes and the mouth. Once that is complete, roll out chocolate flavoured brown fondant (ready to roll icing) and place your emoji features template over it. Using a knife, cut around the templates as precisely as possible.

A fresh and not at all used paint brush is good for this recipe. Using the brush, dip it into some warm water and brush it onto the back of the fondant, and looking at a reference picture of your emoji, try and align it as best as you can. Do this with every feature, and you're done!

If your emoji has blush, place the fondant features on LAST. Also use a dark red luster dust.

NOTE: It's good to have the same emoji as a reference on your phone or as another print out.

And there you have it! A completed and adorable emoji cake!

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