EZ Cd/dvd Sleeve,holds 4, Made Out of a Single Sheet of A4 Paper With No Adhesives




Introduction: EZ Cd/dvd Sleeve,holds 4, Made Out of a Single Sheet of A4 Paper With No Adhesives

CD's are the ultimate in portable data, a lot of media is put onto cd's for gifts, storage, backups and the old work data transfer. They're cheap, and won't snap if you drop them, best of all they'r waterproof, unlike a lot of other electronics.

The only real problem with CD's is that they scratch easily, so easily that if you leve them somewhere unprotected, they're likely to get damaged. We all know that CD's are useful for backing up the old family photographs, and if they scratch, that's a lot od priceless moments down the drain.

There are many ways to protect your cd. Most cd's or dvd's that you buy that already have data on them come with a case. these usually break when dropped, and are as expensive as the cd itself. Most of these are a lot larger than the cd or dvd so there is a storage problem if you have a large music or movies collection.

We all know a bout nthose large books of sleeves, they store a maximum number of cd's in a minimum amount of space. Sure this is a solution to storage, but most people need to carry around one or two cd's around, and we don't need an entire book of sleeves to protect only 2 cd's

Single sleeves are great, they hold and protect 2 of your cd's to make it just as portable as the cd itself. They were inexpensiveand are just as good at storage as your books of sleeves were. in fact more as the'd fit in an ordinry 2,3, or 4 ring binder.

The best way to get one of these single sleeves is to make one yourself, so I bring to you the EZ CD SLEEVE. It's simple, inexpensive and requires only you and a single peice of A4 paper.

Step 1: Getting the Stuff Together

What you will need:

an a4 peice of paper


a cd

The specs of the ez cd/dvd sleeve

Maximum capacity: depending on how you make it the ez cd sleeve can hold up to 6 cds, but only 4 seperately
Dimensions: 13cmX13cmX1cm at full capacity (holding 4 cd's), 13cmX8cmX3mm (holding nothing)
Price: Free! if you use scrap paper or AUD8.00 for a ream of paper divided by 500 sheets = 1.6cents
Weight: <1 gram
Features: Fits into a binder or file, holds notes or other peices of paper or smal objects, can be used as a wallet in emergencies, good for the environment.

Step 2: Folding Horizontally

Fold the peice of paper in half lengthways to make a crease(first picture), unfold this and fold the long edges inwards to meet the crease(second picture), unfold one of these edges and fold the edge in again to meet the closest crease to that edge(third picture). Repeat that step(fourth picture), then fold the peice of paper inwards again(fifth picture)

I know I'm bad at explaining things but it is really pretty simple, just look at the pictures to see how to fold. Also it doesn't look a great deal different from the fourth to the fifth picture, but there is a difference, the bottom edge has been folded again inwards.

If you want to see if you have done it right, slip a cd in the pocket (last picture), and if youv'e done it right the top edge of the paper will just be over the edge of the cd

Step 3: Putting It All Together

From here (first picture) turn the paper over (second picture) and fold inwards behind the cd (third image) Kepp the cd inside the "pocket" when folding behindfor a guide. leave a bit of slack though unless you only want to store 2 cd's. If you want to store 5 or 6 cd's leave quite a bit of slack.

The next step is to tuck it in so that it doesn't fall apart. Tuck the bottom flap on one side into the bottom flap on the other side (fourth picture). and for the top edge, because you folded it in twice you can tuck it in twice. This is much more difficult than tucking it in only once. You don't have to, but it adds support

Step 4: Finishing Touches

You can stop at step 3 if you only want to hold 2 cd's and don't want to put it into a 2, 3 or 4 ring binder.

The overview of this step: make sure the extra 2 cd's don't fall out the bottom, and punch the sleeve so it can be put into your binder

Fold one corner up to the cd to make a crease (1st picture), fold the corner inwards (second picture). That will stop the 2 extra cd's from falling out the bottom. Punch the holes like in the Third picture, and you've got the finished product (Fourth and fifth picture). You can fit two cd's like in the fourth picture (one on each side of the sleeve) and 2 in the middle of the sleeve (like in the fifth picture)

This is my first instructable, so go easy on me, this project should take around a minute to make once you know what to do and can be recycled as a shopping list or put in your compost bin when you're finished with it. I hope you like the ez cd/dvd sleeve!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    GREAT JOB doing your first Instructable!! didn't seem like your first time :)
    (just had very little trouble with you pictures, little light adjustment would do it)


    This is amazing! Really great Instructable! It's a bit hard to follow if you're just reading it, but if you make the sleeve as you go along it works really well! It's a very clever design too - all the CDs/DVDs are really secure and the sleeves fit nicely into a ringbinder. Thanks for making this! :-)


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Looks interesting, but a bit hard to follow, because the pictures came out so dark. I would strongly recommend redoing the photographs with better lighting. No need for fancy equipment or a new camera - the easiest way to get good lighting is to take the pictures during the day in front of a window, or even outside in your backyard.


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Your'e right, my camera has a setting for subjects closer than 70 cm, and when I use this setting the flash doesn't work, If I use the automatic setting, the picture is blurred


    14 years ago on Introduction

    good job! i always have to make sleeves out of paper, and mine are always glued, or taped up. I'll be using this one daily for sure!