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Introduction: EZ Shampoo Bottle Transfer

Ever experienced on shampoo bottle pumps refused to extract the few percent of remaining shampoo when it runs low. it's frustrating and annoying seeing the remaining shampoo you can't access to with ease. Transferring between bottles means to be time consuming not to mention the messy clean up after. This is a simple instructable to save time and money.

Step 1: Make Your Collars

Take out the empty bottle pump assembly and cut the threaded portion. Save the collar and send the rest of the plastic piece for recycling

Step 2: Work Itself Out

Connect two bottles shown as the photo. Make sure threads engage on both bottles. Check if the upper bottle empty out in a few hours. Save the collar for the next round. Enjoy not being wasteful =)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    If I was you, I'd take a piece of PVC tube instead of cutting up pump... would be easier, faster and safer as you may cut yourself badly while cutting hard plastic like that...

    Great idea though!


    Reply 7 years ago

    Thanks for your input and safety-first thinking. The spirit of the project is no mess after filling. Thus, the threads is essential to lock down two bottles leak-proof. Most cleaners are viscous enough to allow ~2 second non-dripping after inverting the bottle which allows time to engage the threads. I tried several shampoos and they didn't require any clean up after, not even the collar. There are similar products in market for sell but they all get wet during filling which requires cleaning - waste! And again, thanks for your input. If you have easier way to leak-proof connecting two bottles, please do input. Appreciated =)