Introduction: Eagle Project 1

I have previously submitted two sets of instructions on this project: Small Wooden Eagle and Octagonal Frame. This is the completion. I made the eagle 8.5" wide so it would fit into the octagonal frame.


These instructions do not require power tools. However they do require a wood burning tool, which is extremely hot. Remember to put SAFETY FIRST. Do not injure yourself. Take your time and be safe.


Wood burning tool

Wood glue

1/4" birch plywood

Top coat, if you choose

Step 1: Prepare Pattern

I made the pattern using Inkscape, but other applications would also work.

The pattern shown in the first photo, consists of words and eagle. I will woodburn the words, but not the eagle. The eagle is present in the pattern only for spacing. Notice that in the first two photos, the words are backwords. That is because I will use heat to transfer the words onto wood for burning.


*** Make the pattern with Inkscape or another application of your choice.

*** Flip the pattern horizontally.

*** Print the pattern full size on a LASER printer, so it can be transferred with heat. Dot matrix letters CANNOT be transferred with heat.

Please note the blue marks around three areas of the pattern. That certainly is not necessary, but helped me see the blue marking when the pattern is taped face-down on wood. I could see which areas had to be heated. I did not want to transfer the eagle shape, just the words. In the third photo the blue marking is faintly visible through the back of the paper.

Step 2: Transfer the Pattern

Using a wood burning tool with a special head, transfer the pattern to the wood. This step requires patience; it takes a long time. In order to check progress, I would carefully loosen one piece of tape and lift a small section of the pattern. I was careful to lift only a small section of the pattern, because I did not want to shift the pattern. The pattern always had to go back exactly where it had been. The fourth photo above shows the pattern transferred to wood.

Step 3: Wood Burn

Wood burn the words.

Step 4: Final Gluing

Glue the eagle onto the front. Be careful when clamping so you don't damage the finish.

Apply a topcoat to the background, if you wish.

Apply a sawtooth hanger to the back, if you choose.