Eardrum Saver

Introduction: Eardrum Saver

Ever have your earbuds or IEM's rip out of your ear because it was snagged on something? I have. It makes a nice suction in your ear and hurts when they get ripped out. Not to mention the damage sometimes caused by it. My solution? Binder clip and a zip tie. Put the two together and clip the thing to your shirt.....no more painful ear ripping action. And you can pop out your earbuds and let them dangle while you converse with someone or whatever...ready to be plugged back into your skull when you're done.

Step 1: Materials

This is an easy one.

1 small binder clip
1 zip tie

Step 2: Tie Clip to Audio Wire

Fairly self explanatory isn't it? I placed mine just below where the left and right wires come together. Leave enough leader to allow you to move your head without pulling on your shirt. The zip tie should slide on the wire allowing for adjustment. That's it. No more dragging around your earbuds or popping them out of your head like a pop gun.

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    A nice idea but I just put the headphone cable under my shirt, saving the snagging issue and it doesn't require you to find anything to do it...

    If you're shirtless, wearing headphones and they're getting caught on stuff, my last recommendation would be a binder clip :P

    Master Roda
    Master Roda

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I used to put mine under my shirt, but I had the same problem of the cables pulling on my ears. And it isn't easy to remove or string through. If you're a women you won't be taking your shirt off usually :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Women actually have an advantage, a loop through a bra strap sorts the pulling out issue - when I was filming stuff with clip on mics bras were a big help...

    If they're long enough a loop around the neck will help