Introduction: Ear Hook Attachable to Earphones

Are you annoyed at earphones falling off your ears while you run or work out? If so then this project is for you.


Cable Tie

3mm Acrylic

2 rubberbands (smaller is better)


1x1 cm spaced grid

Laser Cutter

Vector Graphing Software

Step 1: Replicate the Curve of Your Ear

Using a cable tie measure the perimeter of the base of your ear by closing the cable tie until it fits snugly. It should not feel tight around you ear. Mark the top and the bottom of the cable tie in the area in front of your ear.

Step 2: Transfer Curve to a Vector Software

Place cable tie on a grid of with spacing of 1 x 1 cm and take a picture. Transfer picture to a vector software and scale the picture in reference to the 1x1 cm spaced grid lines. Trace the curve of the zip tie.

Step 3: Make the Shape of the Device

Add some thickness to the device and create an anchor where the rubber band will attach to. You may decide to place the anchor on either end of the curve. The rubber band should be able to wrap around the wire of the earphones and your anchor.

Step 4: Creating the Physical Device

You may create this device in several ways (e.g. 3D printing, laser cutting, manual cut). I chose to use a laser cutter with 3mm clear acrylic as the material because this will make the device sturdy but at the same time not noticeable when worn.

If you would like to skip directly to this step I have uploaded a SVG file with curve based on my own ear.

Step 5: Add the Rubber Band and Attach to Your Earphones

You may use any type of rubber band but the smaller circumference the better. If the rubber band is too big you may wrap the rubber band around the stem of the device till it is able to wrap around the anchor and earphone snugly.