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Introduction: Compact Storage for Your Ear Phones

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Like everyone else using earphones for their MP3s, the time wasted untangling those spidery things after I extract them from my pocket, seriously cuts into my music time.  This simple device will keep your earphones neat, immediately available and won't take up any more space than a wadded up set that needs to be untangled.

Step 1: What You'll Need:

1. Plastic Tarp Clamps: These handy gadgets, intended to be used to hold down tarps come in different flavors.  Some use a wire loop and ball and others like what I have here, use a plastic loop and disk that looks like a pulley.  That's the kind you'll need for this build.  Search for "Plastic tarp clamps" on the internet and you'll fine several makes to choose from.

2. Velcro

3. Round File or Dremel

3. Hot melt glue gun

Step 2: Construction:

1. Draw 2 lines across the round portion of the tarp clamp about 1/8" apart, about 2/3 of the way up one side.
2. File or grind between the lines about half way through the clamp.
3. Round the edges, where your earphone wires will come in contact with.
4. Cut a strip of velcro and hot-glue it to the edge of the tarp clamp as shown.  Hot glue the velcro with the fuzzy part facing down.
5. Add the reverse part of the velcro to the opposite side in the center.


Step 3: Using:

1. Lay the "Y" portion of your earphones into the groove in the clamp.  If your earphones don't have a formed bulge where the wires separate, lay the approximate center of the cord in this slot.
2. Rotate the clamp clockwise or counter clockwise to wind your earphones up.  You can use your thumb and finger as an axle to rotate the  the disk as I'm doing here.  When the earphones reach the disk, continue winding the cord around.
3. When the cord is completely wound, wrap the velcro over, holding it all in place and ready to drop into your pocket.

4. To use, simply release the velcro and let the longer portion fall off.  At the point the wires of bothe the plug and earphone ends are exposed, gently pull on each end and the disk will simply spin off and your earphones are ready to plug in.

No more rat's nest in your pocket.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I sometimes envy the younger generation. When Bluetooth first arrived on the scene, I thought it was going to revolutionize everything (and I think it has). Unfortunately, as with all new technology, the first vestiges of it are never good. Having to go through wandering pathways of attempting to link up every time I wanted to use a mouse, keyboard, earphones or as recently as last week, GPS, has probably soured me on Bluetooth. I understand the newer versions of Bluetooth work better and probably for things as simple as earphones, the links are good, but old people, even futurist old people like myself are hard to convert once they've had 1bad experiences.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to another possibility. I think I'll explore Bluetooth headsets again.