Introduction: Ear Piercing Help

I found it hard when I was considering getting my ears pierced again, where to go and get it done so this instruct able will help you make the right decision.

Step 1:

First of all you want to consider what kind of piercing you want and where as some shops only do certain piercings. A normal love piercing can be done in many shops for little money whereas a tragus or helix are relatively more expensive. I have 3 lobe piercings on my left ear and 2 lobe piercings on my left also a cartilage piercing on my right.

Step 2:

The next thing to consider is pain level some piercings are considerably more painful then others, and may be more painful to one person then another. You also need to consider healing times which can range from lobes 6-8weeks to 3-12 months for cartilage piercings.

Step 3:

Next you need to consider what shop to got to, prices and how professional they are.

- most tattoo parlours do piercings and best trained in doing piercings and have done it many times. They are also reasonably priced and will help with any problems afterwards. They use proper sterilised equipment, reducing any problems. They will also have a preference of using needles to guns as they are the safest.

- some jewellers also do piercings, whilst being cheaper they use a gun and will not be as trained as tattoo parlours or professional piercing shops. They won't be as educated about it if you have any problems either.

- the most recognised place for lobe piercings for children is Claire's. Though they same very well educated they are very expensive and know very little about piercings, if they did they wouldn't be using a gun for cartilage piercings as this could shatter it.

Step 4: Recommendations and My Experiences

First of all I got my first lobes piercings done at Claire's when I was five, they went well no problems and I liked them. I went back to get my second ones done when I was 13 at Claire's aswell, the price was twice what my parents paid the last time I went. Anyway, a young women was doing mine she asked me to take my front ones out so she could pierce them, she then drew the dots and carried on she pierces then using a gun and I was fine, not checking them with my front ones in so left. The next day put my front ones back in and noticed that one earring was lower down and closer to my fro r ones and i am unable to wear large earrings. We went back all they did was give us 30 % off voucher for the store.

Earlier this year I decided I abated to get my cartilage pierced, and co side red Claire's until I read about a gun being used can shatter the cartilage. So I searched around and found that blue banana where relatively cheap and were experienced with piercings, they also used a clean sterilised needle. So I got it done there they supply aftercare and it was done quickly accurately and painlessly. So would recommend them as they do a range of piercings. They are also reasonably priced. Also my piercing has healed really well.

Well... My third lobe I did my self with a sewing needle, I was bored and just decided to pierce my ear it was quite painless as I used ice and sterilised the needle, I made further away from my other piercings so that I could wear larger earrings in it. It has healed fast and well so was very happy with it but nether got round to doing the other side.