Introduction: EarBud Holder (Tinker Cad)

In This Lesson You Will Be learning How To Make Homemade 3D Printed Ear Bud Holders!

How many times have you pulled your earbuds out of your pocket, and there all tangled up and you waste a few minutes trying to untangle your earbuds. Well now you don't need to waste your time just 3D print this!

Step 1: Creating a New Account (Skip to Step 2 If You Have Used Tinkercad Before)

1: Go To

2: And Press (Sign In) Or (Join Now).

3: Fill out new account form.

4: Press Create new design.

5: Go to next step.

Step 2: Making the Base

1: You start out by scrolling down until you see this round cone figure called a Paraboloid.

2: You want to click the little white square on the bottom side of the paraboloid and you will see two numbers pop up. Click once then change the number to 30 on each side then press enter.

3: You want to click the icon that looks like a bunch of cards or papers this is the duplicate tool.

4: Take that new duplicate and click or drag the thing that has two arrows and looks like a third of a circle and change that number to 180°

Step 3: Make the Cut!

1: Go scroll down and click the Tube and place it. (look at pic 3:A)

2: Remember that little white box in the corner take that number and make it 28.00 on Both sides.

3: Click the option that is next to solid and click hole.

4: Hold shift and press both of the other shapes.

5: Press L.

6: Then press the one in the middle of every option. (look at pic 3:B)

7: Press the group button in the top right corner. (look at pic 3:C)

( You can change the color if you want!)

Step 4:

You are finished If you would like you can change the color!

We suggest doing the tutorial from tinker cad if you ever want to make anything else.

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