Earbud Holder - KNEX Style

Introduction: Earbud Holder - KNEX Style

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Good Morning everyone! Today I got a awesome earbud holder made from that awesome toy called, K'Nex! I was inspired by kokpat's earbud holder he made but didn't feel the need to order 2 pizzas as I just ate pizza earlier that day. So I fiddled around with my K'Nex and figured out one of my favorite earbud holders!

Step 1: Alright, I Want It, What Do I Need?

Here's your supply list: Go fetch ;)

  • Tangled earbuds - a necessity
  • 2x White Connectors
  • 2x Pink Connecter Thingys
  • 4x White Rods
  • 8x Green or Black Connectors

Pretty slim parts list! I like the idea because it costs practically nothing and I have too much K'Nex!

Step 2: Connect the Connectors!

Mostly right here just follow the pictures! I mean, one picture equals a thousand words so if I have 5 pictures then 5 x 1,000...

Step 3: Add the Stubby Rods

Again just follow the pictures!

Step 4: Then Add Those Weird Connectors...

I have no idea what they call these things. Any suggestions?

Step 5: Get Wrappin'

You've finished! Now wrap your earbuds cord aroundthe track and lock them in with the mechanism on top! Thanks for reading this. Feel free to comment with suggestions or pictures of your design!

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8 years ago on Introduction

Wow, thx.
I think u found the problem that the cord is easily slip away during winding.
Actually, I had a modified version (not yet posted) which using plastic lips.
This model can hold both earbud and USB wire....

BTW, if u can not find pizza saver, u can simply using screw and pillars instead.


8 years ago

Clever! Making it right away!!

This could be very useful since I have a iPod touch (4th gen) and my headphones sometimes get tangled which can be very annoying.