Introduction: Earbud Wire Organizer

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We've all been there: squishing and bending, twirling and tangling our earbud headphones into any easily accessible pocket. Why are these things so unwieldy?! Well, heres a DIY home for your earbuds to live happily in! With two difference styles, you can either throw your tamed earbuds in your bag, or attach them to your keychain for easy accessibility.

Please, whatever you do, don't stop the music.

Step 1: Materials

For both the Simple Organizer and for the Keychain Organizer, you will need

Leather or felt (I recommend 3mm width for either material)
Medal snaps or buttons, heavy duty
Snaps' tools (this is the little anvil packet that corresponds with your snaps' size. Usually sold separately)
Rotary Cutter (Optional- this cuts felt and leather the best)
Cutting mat (Optional)

For the Key Chain Organizer, you will need:

1/2 inch grommets
Grommets' tool (this is the little anvil packet that corresponds with your grommets' size. Usually sold separately)

Step 2: Simple Organizer

Using either 3mm felt or leather (this stuff is low maintenance and strong, but most importantly, it doesn't fray at the ends, so no sewing involved!) Cut a strip of 4 x 1 1/2 inches, trim the edges so the corners don't get worn.

Folding the material in half, and liberally pinching the ends with your thumb and forefinger, see if your earbud wire can easily fit inside. Your thumb and forefinger will be replaced by the snaps. If the strip of material is too loose, cut it down slightly until you get a snug, but not tight, fit.

Now we'll mark where we want our snaps to go. I used 1/2 inch snaps and wanted them as close to the ends as possible. Next, I cut a small hole where the center of the snaps would go. Placing the little Snaps' applicator tool underneath and over the snaps, I hammered down to secure the snaps and their corresponding bottom pieces. Man, these things are awesomely strong!

You're done! Enjoy this version of Organizer, or make the Keychain Organizer...

Step 3: Keychain Organizer

The Key Chain Wire organizer is just like the Simple Organizer, except that the length of material (felt or leather) is a couple inches longer, and incorporates a grommet that could be used as a key chain insert.

Firstly, measure and cut your length of material to 6 x 1 1/2 inches.

Next, place both ends of snaps about 3 inches apart, the same as you would for the Simple Organizer.

You'll notice you have a bit of a tail at one end, and this is where we'll place the grommet. I used 1/2 inch grommet in a bronze finish. Trace the inner circumference of the grommet onto your material, and cut out a rough circle. This is kind of tricky with 3mm felt or leather, but just take your time. You should be able to wiggle in the top piece of your grommet into that hole. On the back side, place the pronged end onto the fabric, and using the grommet tools and a hammer, you'll be able to sandwich both ends of the grommet onto the material.

I decided I wanted a circular end framing my grommet, so I cut out a semi circle from that end. I imagine that this will help any fraying that would have otherwise resulted in the felt or leather getting very worn at the corners.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Awesome Organizer!

Folded wires never looked so good =)