Introduction: Earbud Cord Wrapper in 5 Minutes or Less!

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Love your shiny new iphone, but sick of tangling up that darn cord on your earbuds?

Grab an old credit card and a pair of scissors. Boom! You are about to solve one of life's least important problems.

Step 1: Snip Card in Half.

Cut the card in half, lengthwise.

Want bonus points? Round them corners.

Want more bonus points? Use a defunct baby-bell calling card!

Step 2: Notch Away!

At either end cut two notches on opposing sides.

Notches should be angled roughly as pictures.

Take care to make the opening of your notch only slightly bigger than cord (about 1/16th of an inch)

Make the interior of the notch wider than the opening, but narrower than your plug (about 3/16th of inch)

Note: Spandox suggests using a hole punch. Great idea.

Step 3: Wrap Cord

Insert your plug end into the notch and wrap you cord up neatly.

When you get to the buds, tuck them into their notch.


Step 4: Usage

You can unwrap cord on either end to a length that suits your need.

I usually keep my iphone in my shirt pocket, as you can imagine without this cord wrapper my cord is always in the way.