Introduction: “Earls” Copy Cat Warm Potato Salad.

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Earls has restaurants in Canada and the United Stated. It has white table clothes, fancy decor, the music is always loud and they serve trendy delicious food. My family tends to eat at this restaurant occasionally or when my sister-in-law is craving the Warm Potato Salad. This is her favourite dish! For Christmas one year she bought me the Earls cook book, hoping that I would make her the Warm Potato salad on a regular basis.
This is an impressive salad and your guests will be delighted. It uses ingredients like confit* garlic oil and homemade potato salad dressing. This recipe should not be taken lightly as there are many steps but the rewards for work really pay off greatly.

*Confit is a cooking method usually in oil, slowly to preserve the ingredient.


2 lbs Red Potatoes
2 TBSP Olive Oil
1 TBSP Confit Garlic Oil - Next Step
1 lb of Garlic
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
1/2 cup Olive Oil
1/2 cup Corn
1/2 cup Chopped Cooked Bacon - About 6 slices
2/3 cup Mayonnaise
1/3 cup Sour Cream
3/4 tsp Lemon Juice
3/4 tsp finely chopped Green Onion - Green parts ONLY - for the dressing
1/4 Fine Salt
2 TBSP Finely Chopped Green Onion - Green Part ONLY - for on top of the salad.

Step 1: Your Tools

Cutting board
Chef knife or a large knife you feel comfortable chopping with
2 x Large mixing bowls
Baking sheet
Parchment Paper
Oven mitts
1 wet measuring cup
1/2 cup measurement
1/3 cup measurement
2/3 cup measurement
1/2 tsp measurement
1/4 tsp measurement
1 TBSP measurement
Frying pan
Large plate
Paper Towel / Kitchen Roll
Hand held blender

Step 2: Make the Garlic Oil and Confit Garlic

* Please Note: Although you need to make Confit Garlic and Oil, we will only be using the oil in this recipe.
We will be using 1 TBSP of this Garlic Oil. It will keep for three weeks in the fridge and you can use it with all you other cooking needs.

1lb Garlic
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
1/2 cup Olive Oil

1. You will need to peel all the cloves of garlic. First start by trying to break up the bulb.
2. Separate the cloves.
3. Once all the cloves are separated you can start to peel.
4. Laying the cloves on-top of the cutting board, place the Chef knife on top of the cloves.
5. Using the heal of your hand hit the knife this smashing the garlic.
6. The peels will be loose allowing you to take them off using a pairing knife.
7. Place the garlic into a medium saucepan.
8. Once all the garlic is complete, pour the two different oils into the saucepan.
9. Bring to a gentle simmer over medium heat.
10. Reduce heat to low, stirring occasionally.
11. Cook for 1 hour or until the cloves are golden brown.
12. Once the cloves are cooked, remove from the heat.
13. Separate the confit garlic from the oil.
14. Allow the oil to cool completely before using.
15. Purée the confit garlic with a hand held blender or food processor.
16. The garlic should be smooth as paste.
17. Transfer to an airtight container and place it in the fridge. This is good for 2 weeks.
18. You can use confit garlic in many ways such as on top of crusty bread, with steamed vegetables, eggs, the possibilities are endless.

Step 3: Make the Potato Salad Dressing

1. Place the mayonnaise in the 2/3 cup measurement, pour into the jar.
2. Place 1/3 cup of sour cream in the measurement, pour into the jar.
3. Pour 3/4 tsp of lemon juice into the jar.
4. Finely chop the green part only of one green onion, pour into the jar.
5. Pour 1/4 tsp of salt into the jar.
6. Using a fork, whisk until well mixed.
7. Put the dressing aside until needed.
8. If you make the dressing ahead of time, it wil keep in the fridge up to nine days.

Step 4: Let’s Cook the Potatoes

1. Preheat the oven to 425° F.
2. Using the cutting board and the Chef knife, cut the potatoes into 1 inch pieces.
3. Place the potatoes into the large bowl.
4. Using the tongs, toss with 2 TBSP of Olive Oil until well coated.
5. Line the baking tray with parchment paper.
6. Arrange the potatoes on the tray in a single layer.
7. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes or until the potatoes are tender.
8. Once the potatoes are cooked, carefully remove them from the oven using oven mitts.
9. Pour the potatoes into the large bowl
10. Drizzle 1 TBSP of the Confit Garlic oil.
11. Allow to cool slightly.

Step 5: Corn and Bacon

1. If using frozen corn, ensure that it is thawed before cooking.
2. Place your bacon inside your frying pan.
3. Cook on medium heat until brown but not too crisp.
4. Using a plate, line with paper towel or kitchen roll
*5. Once the bacon is cooked, place on-top of the paper towel to allow to drain
*6. Roll the bacon up in the paper towel
*7. Using a Chef knife, chop the bacon on your cutting board into 1 inch pieces.
8. Place the corn and the bacon on the same baking tray.
9. Put into the oven at the same temperature.
10. Roast the corn and bacon for about 5 minutes or until the corn is slightly brown.
11. Carefully remove the pan from the oven using oven mitts.

* I cooked the bacon ahead of time, at the same time I am cooking the Confit oil.

Step 6: Putting It Altogether

1. Place the corn and bacon in the large bowl with the potatoes.
2. Pour the dressing over the warm ingredients.
3. Toss until well coated.
4. Garnish with green onions
5. Serve immediately.
6. Great as a side dish or as a main.
7. Enjoy!

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