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This is my entry to the show how I changed my girlfriend (I had permission!!!) into a fresh zombie.  I am not a pro graphic artist by the way but I figured I would give it a try!

What you will need:

A Picture
Photo Editubg Program (I used Fireworks)
Gifts for you other half - Because they were nice enough to let you use their photo

Before I start, you will probably have to change the following items base on your photo size and coloring:
Opacity - is the transparency of your object
Tip Size - how big
Stroke - is the type of brush (round, square or so forth)

Step 1: Changing the Eyes

First, I started by changing the eyes to black.  To do this, I used the brush feature with the color black at a 50% opacity.  This way I could control the amount of black by opacity in order to leave the edges of the eye slighty more gray than black.  While coloring in the eye, I decided to leave the white spot in the eye.  This way it looked like there may be something left of the human inside but on the verge of a zombie.  Also, I did have to change the tip size of the brush to get into the crevious of the eye.  Then I colored in the other eye the same way. 

To get some red under the eyes, I used the pencil function at 20% opacity. I ended up running the pencil under the eye twice. 

Don't forget that Control Z (undo) is your best friend when it doesn't look quite right!

Step 2: Changing Skin Color

To lighten the skin tone, I used the dodge button which looks like an upside down microphone to me. I used the tool to lighten the face, arm, and chest.  The one thing about the dodge button is that you want to competely lighten each area at once.  Such as ligthen all of the face before releasing the your mouse or touchpad button.  Otherwise you may get spotchy skin.   

Step 3: Adding a Fresh Scar

To add scratch marks, scars or burns, I used the burn button as midtones.  This will highlight or shadow an area.  Due to the fact my photo already had a lot of yellow tones, it "burned" to a red color.   First, I ran the burn button where I wanted the scar the darkest and then I worked out the dodge button further each time I reclicked. I also didn't have the burn tool at full exposure.  This allowed me to vary the color depth of the marks.

If you don't have this feature, you can do it with varying the brush color. Start darker in the middle and then  change your color as you go out towards your lighter areas or opposite if thats easier for you.

Step 4: Highlighting Eyes and Lips

Once again I used the burn tool to highlight underneath the eyes and mouth.  I wanted to give her more of "black eyes" and red lips. 

Step 5: Add a Few More...

I decided that one scar/bruise wouldn't be enough.  So I added more to the other side of the face, nose, forehead, arm and chest with the burn tool. 

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    Hugo Boom
    Hugo Boom

    10 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice instructable! and a fantastic effect :D


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you, I am glad my girlfriend was such a good sport about this :D She has a much prettier face then I do.