Introduction: 3D Print Earring Display

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I wanted a way to hang and show off my earrings for photos. It only needed to hold one pair and I wanted it decorative without being to show-offy. I found some 3D print designs on the web, but they didn't really fit what I wanted, so I decided to design my own. This 3D printed earring display is meant to hold one pair of earrings (plus a design that holds 4 pairs) and is meant, as I said, more as a display than actual practical jewelry storage.


  • Tinkercad
  • 3D Printer
  • Filament - I'm using a clear/natural one because I wanted it to blend in, not really stand out, but a metallic one would also look nice
  • Measuring Cup or other microwavable container - if you are going to bend your print

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Step 1: Tests

I went through a couple tests before coming up with the final design. My first print was actually super small (not pictured) which just showed me how bad I am at visualizing sizes.

As you can see, at first I tried a drooping design but realized this just made them hang even lower when I wanted them higher so I switched to the new and final design. I also messed around with the base slightly until I had a sturdy but nice looking base.

Step 2: Design

I checked out some other earring displays before going about designing my own and decided I wanted a simple design meant to hold a single set of earrings.

I wanted a plan hanging part so I simply attached together two wedges and I didn't want them hanging the same distance so I had them diagonal to each other.

Then I needed the main post of the display. I knew I had some long earrings I wanted to put on it so I ended up making the main stem of it about 6.25" long. I wanted the stem a square which meant I had the whole piece about "0.156" thick.

Then I needed a base. At first I had a solid square but it was a bit boring, so I did the base the same as my Creeper Christmas Tree. To do the cutout for the stem, I increased the size just a bit to give it room, 1.6". During the test prints, this worked great

I decided to make a multi-tier one for fun so I simply copied the hanging part and pasted it down three times. Step 3 will cover how to bend this to make the design work better.

Slice and print them when you are all done. There isn't really anything special except you could do 100% infill to make them sturdy.

Step 3: Bending With Hot Water

If you print off the multi-earring design, you will probably want to bend it so that the earrings don't hit into each other. This is easily (and carefully) done with hot water.

Start by getting your multi level print.

[as my sink is not pretty and hard to photograph by, I simulated it with a paper that says sink, as you can see :) ]

Start by filling up your microwave safe container with water and microwaving it. I usually microwave about 2 cups of water for 2 minutes.

When you take it out, careful it's hot!

Hold your 3D print over the sink and carefully pour the hot water between two of the hanging points as I'm point out. Once it is warmed up, carefully grab it and twist it slightly.

Give it a chance to cool a bit, and repeat the process between the next set. You'll do this 3 times total. You can bend them as much or as little as you want. I tried ti get them equally bent so none would be on top of each other.

Now just let it cool and dry and then put it on the base.

Step 4: Finished Displays

Just a look at the finished earring displays.

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