Earrings Frame

Introduction: Earrings Frame

In this instructrable, I will make an earrings holder with rubber bands.


4 - rubber bands

Balsa wood sticks - thickness 10mm

  1. 2x30cm
  2. 2x15cm

Super glue (ideal for balsa wood)

~20cm string

Duct tape (optional)

Step 1: Creating the Frame

Firstly we gather our balsa wood sticks. We glue the 10mm x 10mm surface of the 15 cm long balsa sticks, to the inside of the 30 cm long balsa sticks, creating a rectangle.

Optional: In case you worry that your structure might not be strong enough, you can secure the edges with duct tape, or nail them together.

Step 2: Hanging Your Structure

In this step, as your hook, you use a double knot to tie your string to the upper side of your rectangle. I use a string for this step, because earrings can be heavy and the weight might not be distributed evenly on the frame. Using a string tied to the frame lets us change the length or the width of our "hook" and redistributing weight becomes easier.

Step 3: Time for the Rubber Bands!

We put on the rubber bands, around the frame, as shown.

!Please note! The rubber bands should be lose enough as not to put too much pressure on the structure, but not too lose because they will not be able to stand.

Depending on the length of your earring, you can out as many rubber band as you see fit. Typically this number stands between 4 and 10 rubber bands.

The reason we use rubber bands is because of their elasticity, they can stand on the frame on their own, and we can add or remove some at any time, depending on the earrings we have.

Step 4: Our Holder!

Now, our earrings holder is ready! We only need to add our earrings!

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