Introduction: Earth Necklace

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I made this using rough semi precious stone beads. That's where it gets its name Earth Necklace :)

Lets see how to make this necklace/earrings -

1. Things needed.

2. Designing

3. Making the pendant/Earrings

4. Crimping

5. Making the necklace

6. Its Done!!

Step 1: Things Needed

Tools and necessary beading materials as shown in picture 1.

1. Wire/Side cutter

2. Chain/Flat nose pliers

3. Round nose pliers

4. Crimping pliers

5. Tiger tail wire 0.38mm (any color of your choice)

6. Brass headpin (21 gauge)

7. Clips to hold the ends

8. Brass Crimp beads (22mm round, 1.5mm inside diameter)

9. Brass Spring ring clasp (any clasp of your choice)

10. Ear-ring hooks.

As shown in picture 2 i had used rough semi precious/imitation beads (Again its upto your choice in choosing the beads)

- Red brown marble

- Black Gray marble

- Tigers Eye

- Sponge Coral

- Rainbow fluorite

- Purple fluorite

- Golden agate

- Tourquoise imitation

- Rose Quartz

- Bamboo Coral

- Red Jasper

Step 2: Designing

Why designing is essential?

- Helps to visualize your ideas

- It shows your final look of necklace.

- Easy to modify

- Easy for stringing.

- Saves a lot of time.

Step 3: Making the Pendant/Earrings

Steps involved -

1. Take the headpin.

2. Insert the beads you would like to add for your earring/pendant into the headpin.(I used rose quartz and red marble arcs (use different shapes however you like but do not add weight to the earrings)

3. Bend the headpin as shown in picture

4. We may not need the entire length to make a loop out of it. so cut the remaining length (if any) using the wire cutter.

5.Use the round nose pliers to make a loop.

6. I made 5 such combinations as per the design requirements.

For Earring -

- Use the flat nose pliers to open the loop of the hook (pic 9, 10).

- Attach the hanging and close the loop (pic 11).

Thats it (Pic 12)!!! the Earrings are done!!

Step 4: Crimping

In the necklace making process, crimping is mandatory as it holds the string ends firm.

Lets see the steps involved -

1. Make a loop by inserting crimp bead as shown in pic 1.

2. Use the crimping pliers (second hole that looks like heart symbol) to press the crimp bead.

3. Pic 3 shows the bead after the first press.

4. The use the edge of the crimping pliers to fold the previously pressed crimp bead.

5. Pic 5 shows the output.

Step 5: Making the Necklace

Step 1: Take 2 pairs of wires of length 18 inch and 16 inch.(Length can be altered as per the needs)

Step 2: Start stringing and ensure pendent is at the exact center.Clip the ends so that the beads will not loosen and comes out. I am using 2 pairs of different color wires as my design has 2 layers.

Step 3: To avoid the beads moving up, we need to crimp the ends as shown in Pic-3 ( 1, 4 positions). Also Single crimp bead is used to hold both the strings together.

Step 4: To attach the clasp, insert two crimp ( extra cautious) beads, then insert the clasp, make a loop holding the clasp and crimp the ends as explained earlier in crimping. Repeat the same for both strings. (Position 2,3 in PIC-3).

Step 6: Its Done!

Similarly i have done other necklaces.

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