Introduction: Earthquake Detection System

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This is an earthquake detection system, in this using the accelerometer which detects vibrations in the earth's surface. When the device moves the arduino recieves an nput and sends that to the buzzer. Upon recieving this the buzzer starts beeping. This alerts the user and is thus very helpful. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!


This is a basic project which is actually extremely useful. It is used to detect a possible earthquake that might occur.

For this project the components we need are :-

1) Arduino Uno,

2) accelerometer,

3) Buzzer, and

4) Male to Female wires.

Step 2: Connecting the Wires to the Arduino

First take to male to female wires and place them in ground and pin number 12 each. To this we will connect the speaker. Now take five other wires and connect to 5v, Gnd, A0, A2 and A4 each.

Step 3: Connecting the Accelerometer and Buzzer to the Arduino

Now first to connect the buzzer we must connect the number 12 pin to the positive side of the buzzer and the Gnd pin to the negative side of the buzzer.(The positive side of the buzzer is the longer one.)

After that we must connect the accelerometer to the Arduino. To do this first we should connect the 5v to VCC and Gnd to Gnd. Then A0, A2, A4 to X axis, Y axis, and Z axis respectively.

Step 4: Final Product and Code.

So, this is the final product consisting of the buzzer and accelerometer connected to the arduino. The code is kept above. When the position of the accelerometer moves then the buzzer will beep, giving an indication that vibrations are occuring

Step 5: