Easier Than a Bowline

Introduction: Easier Than a Bowline

This is a knot that for me is easier to tie than a bowline

Step 1: How to Make

You will of course need some rope. After you get your rope just copy the steps. Before the last step pull softly or the whole thing will get knotted

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good Job, If you cut all the ends off and only looked at the knot you would identify it as a bowline or a sheet bend both are very strong functional knots.The disadvantage that I can see is the Sharp Bends in the line when it would be under strain. When you have a sharp bend like that it becomes the weakest point in the line, the bowline is one knot that defies that and consistently breaks above or below the knot where if yours was put to the test I think you would find it breaks at the knot (or spills) which means you can't trust the line strength.


    9 years ago

    Great fantastic i love it so easy u got talent and spunk i love spunk