Introduction: Easiest Baby Blanket

I have found that this is a very popular style of blanket, and making it yourself is much cheaper and more enjoyable than buying a blanket just like it. These simple steps will walk you through how to create your own baby blanket.

Step 1: Collect These Things

  • 2 pieces of fabric (they do not have to be the same design)
  • scissors

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

For this specific blanket I used 42x72, but the blanket can be adjusted to as small or as large as you would like. Note that the dimensions you use will not be exactly how big the blanket is at the end; you will lose a couple inches on the length and width by the time the blanket is finished.

Step 3: Line Up the Fabric

The two pieces of fabric should line up with one another. Make sure the patterns are facing away from each other like in the right picture. This is going to be either side of the finished product. Having the patterns facing the same way when lining up in this step will lead to one side being blank and the other being printed at the end.

Step 4: Cut the Corners

This step is important, missing it could cause your whole blanket to be misshapen. Cut a 2-inch square out of all four corners of the fabric, making sure you cut through both layers of fabric.

Step 5: Cut the Strips

Cut strips along the entire outer edge of the blanket, cutting through both layers of fabric. These strips can be as long or short as you would like, they are going to be tassels on the outer rim of the blanket. They must be tied though, so do not cut them too short. These are an inch wide and two inches long.

Step 6: Tie the Knots

For each of those strips that you cut, tie the two pieces of fabric that are stacked on top of each other together. On this blanket each knot was one strip of elephant fabric and one strip of polka dot fabric. Tie each set of strips together all the way around the blanket.

Step 7: Clean It Up

While you were tying some of the knots may have been pulled out or the fabric stretched, go back and trim any pieces that may be sticking out or falling apart. If these get caught they can lead to a hole in your new blanket.

When you are finished the blanket should be tied all the way around, so the two pieces of fabric are fastened together. Both sides of the blanket should have vibrant colors or patterns as well.