Introduction: Easiest Fly Trap Ever

Hi there ! Hope you're doing good. I do :-) I finally got rid of that small flies turning in my apartment thanks to what I'm going to show you in this tutorial ;-)

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First, let's start with a proof of the quality of my trap. And since a picture worth thousand words, check it out ! These pictures have been taken only 8 hours after I set it up near my plant.

Step 1: What You Need

It's as simple as 2 ingredients :
+ 1st one is water
+ 2nd one is dish soap (mine is citrus/lime dish soap, the less expensive one)

Then you need a large and not high glass in which you'll mixe 2/3 of water and 1/3 of line dish soap.

Stir a little (or don't, doesn't really matter ^_^)

Place it near your plants from where the flies come.

And here you go! It's all set.
Now you just have to let it here until you don't see anymore flies in your home (or until it's full, but then you might need something a little stronger if the flies are able to commit suicide in such a number :-x )

Step 2: Winter Is Coming (but Not for Us!)

The next step I'm working on is an LED evolution of this trap.

Flies also can't resist to light when they see it. Yellow and blue lights seems to work better than other colors.

The plan is simple :

0. Do Step 1
1. Place a yellow LED light under the flies trap
2. Paint in black all the exterior surface of the glass, except where the light should go through (captain o o o obvious .-. )

Let it ON at night. Works better when there is no other light source to distract the flies from the trap.

Then the flies should be double trapped since there is the smell (dish soap) and the light (yellow of blue). The only option remaining in their brains (if they have one, not sure they do) would be to waste themselves into the liquid.

Exactly as humans do with alcohol, drug, sex and money. Oh wait! I'm being a little too cynical here sorry.

Hope you'll get rid of all these flies as I did ;-)
And learn from the learning (still not sure about this expression but anyway) : if I was an alien I would probably act exactly like that to destroy humanity so... Try to go to the church. At least once. And save your soul my friend. Or do not, and workout your muscles instead (could be useful too, who knows..). Or better, do both. Or EVEN BETTER --> click the vote button up right (thanks).

Cheers :-D

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