Introduction: Easiest Gingerbread House

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Christmas is incomplete without a Gingerbread house .
I always feel making gingerbread houses is not only fun but
a great way to bring family together too.
Even if you are not an expert baker or have run out of time this
last minute Holiday decoration will add tons of joy to your celebrations .

10 rectangular cookies (  any brand of your choice )
Wilton royal icing mix / or homemade royal icing (recipe link )
1 wafer roll/ stick 
2-3 butter snaps or square pretzels 
colorful candy decorations (coated candies or sprinkles)
1 cup desiccated coconut or coconut powder 

Royal icing acts as the edible glue for this project so Whip it up
as per the package( or instructional link  )& fill in a piping bag .
If piping is not your cup of tea get ready to use it with a butter
knife & a skewer. (Wherever piping of royal icing is mentioned
just put some icing with the knife for larger areas & skewer
for smaller areas)

Hut - gently pipe some royal icing on the smaller sides (width edge )
of the cookies . Join at right angles to make a rectangular box. Leave for an
hour or two for the royal icing to harden . To make the roof - put some
royal icing on the top edges of the hut walls & place 4 cookies to
make the tilted roof  . Leave to set for 4-5 hours. Finally Cut a small
rectangle from a cookie n stick as a tiny door.   Decorate with  
colorful candies, a piece of wafer roll chimney & pretzel window .
Once dried place the hut on a plate  of desiccated coconut . 
Place a few tiny christmas decorations (non edible) to make a more
realistic setup . 
Enjoy !!! 

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