Introduction: Easiest Scrap Microscope for Mobile

Ive always been fascinated about the macro world. And that available as easy as in a mobile is quite interesting for many. Ive managed to make it with things you probably find lying around.

What you need:

1.Tape (wrote that just to fill up the page xD)

2.An old device, any device with a camera, can be an old nokia phone or scrap webcam, no matter how low the megapixel is. Basically we just need something like this:

Step 1:

First we need to take out the lens from the scrap camera.

Probably may sound like professional work,

Most of you know how to remove a screw right? Its actually just easy as that.

See that gear like plastic thing (In picture) just rotate that anticlockwise, it should come off just like a screw would.

**I did it with my teeth, I'm pretty sure there's no use posting a video of that**

Step 2:

You'll get something like this:

Step 3:

Take a Tape, Put a hole, Stick the front face of the lens onto the hole,Land it on your phone camera

Step 4: Start Shooting!


This is my first instructable, Hope people dont hate it :))

BTW some shots: