Introduction: Easiest Strawberry Mousse!!! I Mean It!!

Ok last night i wanted to make dessert for a special friend of mine (not quite girlfriend just dating) soooooo i had strawberry gelatine at home so i decided to make her some, but then i realized it was way to easy and i woulnt get many points for it, so i started looking online for a mousse recipe but i didnt have whipped cream at home and it was late at night, so i just decided to make the regular strawberry  milk-gelatine, when i was about to poor it into small dished i decided i was going to add some sliced pieces of natural strawberrys to add more flavour, but damnnnn im too lazy so i blended them with the gelatine and then just threw them in the fridge. This morning WHOA!!! it didnt turn out to be strawberry gelatine, but something closer to mousse!!! i wasnt quite mousse cuz mousse its a little more stiff or hard i dunno how to say it, BUT its pretty much the same thing i swear u gotta try it it takes like 5 minutes and no effort what soever lol.

Step 1: Ingredients

Not much here:

1 lt of milk
1 pack of strawberry milk gelatine
lots of natural strawberries (frozzen)

Step 2: Procedure

Ok this is pretty easy, first heat up the milk until its really really hot, then add the gelatine mixture and mix it up perfectly.

Wait like 10 or 15 minutes so it wont be extremely hot, and pour it in the blender, and add LOTS i do MEAN LOTS (like 25 maybe) of frozzen strawberries and blend it up!!!

Since ur gelatine wasnt as hot anymore and u added frozzen strawberries, ur mixture should be just a little hot, now pour it in small dished and then put them in the fridge.

Step 3: Tips

Ok the mousse is going to be a little mmmm watery?? sorry about my bad english, anyways its going to be a little soft, it tastes great like this BUT if u want it to be a little harder, just throw them in the freezer for about 30 mins to 1hr, depends on how hard u like it, BUT NEVER go OVER 1hr, it will get frozzen and it will be very hard and it will loose flavour, believe i did it with some dishes last night and no good.

Hope u guys like it, if u have any suggestions on how to improve the recipe i can add them to the instructable and obviously i will mention ur name. Also if u see many mistakes in my grammar, let me know and i'll get to them.