Introduction: Easiest Way Into Flying

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Paragliding? Paragliding wings, gear and school can cost 5,000$ or more. If you’re just wanting bunny hill hops 1ft-15ft altitude and distances of 50ft-300ft, just some back yard fun then what’s the way to do it then? Paragliding. There’s a cheaper way to do it.


eBay is a wonderful place. Sells everything including used paraglider and training harnesses. I bought a wing called the Edel Orion, (which I believe was made in the early 90s, I believe 93). It’s been a wonderful wing for me. Perfect for what I wanted which was bunny hill hops of a few seconds off local hills. I bought it for 180$. I also proceeded to by a training harness for 100$. The harness is made for ground handling and short term flights for training.

Step 1: Checking the Wing

It is very important to check the wing for tears, holes, and missing lines. Any place that has been sewn on I wouldn’t trust when purchasing. When looking for a wing you want the lines to look new and crispy. Always check the inside of each cell for any debris inside it,( from the previous owner Incase grass or sand are in the wing) My wing had no holes, perfect lines, all risers are in good shape ECT. If there is anything wrong with in the pics online or in person do not ever attempt to ever fly it. Use it as a ground handling wing for training and that’s it.

Step 2: Practice and Flying

I self taught myself on how to launch, control and fly a paraglider. I spent many day’s ground handling it as a kite till I felt safe enough try to get any air with it. My wing is a large wing. Too large for my weight. I fly with a backpack on and in it are 20lbs of weight to add as a ballast. It flies without it, but I typically have no forward momentum as a glider depends on weight as its forward motion. The backpack with the weight worked like a charm and I was able to fly forward. The hills I’ve flown off of are tiny. Steep in some parts but never too steep where you trip going up or down it, and the height of the hills is small. A small hill with a little steepness is perfect.

Step 3: Conclusion

I’ve had the wing for about 3 years and have loved it. Longest flight I’ve gotten in it was about 10-15 seconds which is what I wanted out of it. It’s always something fun to do on a off day. Float down the hill for a few seconds and run back up to do it again. Don’t think it’s safe to fly off large hills or a mountain. If you’re thinking of doing those things go to a paraglider school and do it the correct way. But for someone that wants “hops” off a very small hill this is a very cheap way to do it, and it assisted me when I started skydiving, learning to fly the chute.