Easiest Way to Use Sues Texture Creator

Introduction: Easiest Way to Use Sues Texture Creator

About: I like Minecraft, Captain America (and other Marvel heroes), and making things.

If you complete a texture you like and are proud of please leave me a link to a download in the comments!

Step 1: Open It

Open it and create a new project

Step 2: Open It... Again

Open what you are going to change. If it's mobs, then use basic editor, just to save time and make it easier

Step 3: Select Filters

Select filters in the top row of stuff and find one you like.

Step 4: Continue

Step 5: All Done!... Unless There's More

You're all done! At least if you are only going to change that. Thank you for reading!
Also, I'm going to put my textures (my main ones) up for download later on

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