Introduction: Easy Way to Get Crystallized Iron in Roblox Islands!

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In this Instructable, I'll be going though ways to get crystallized iron in Roblox Islands. I'll be covering some topics, that will hopefully make this very useful. Make sure you stick around because I'm going to tell you one easy way to get crystallized iron in Roblox Islands. This trick has actually helped me a lot so I decided to share this easy and simple trick with you guys. Hope this helped you too!

What's a crystallized iron and how is it used?

Crystallized Iron is a special ore that has a chance of dropping when mining iron ore. It can only be received upon breaking a node entirely, and can never be obtained when reducing an iron node to its halfway point. It has a 2% (1 in 50) chance of dropping when breaking an iron node.
Crystallized Irons are used to craft weapons and other amazing stuff. This includes the Iron War Axe, which requires three crystallized irons to craft; it can also be used to craft the Vending Machine, which requires one of them to craft; and also the Basic Sprinkler, which also requires one to craft. Or you can just sell it for 100k, it's your option.

Where and how can you get crystallized iron?

The only way to get crystallized iron is by mining iron nodes. Here are the list of places where you can find iron nodes (and how you can get to those islands).

1. The Main Island

When you spawn in on your island, you can see a portal like structure. If you are new, you'll have to make a bridge across the island (I highly recommend mining the stone underneath the grass in your island and making a bridge using the stone you mined). After making the bridge enter that portal. It will take you straight to the Main Island.

2. The Buffalkor Island

In the Main Island, you will notice another portal. That is the portal to the slime island. After a new update, you won't have to spend 200 coins to buy the slime island key, which means no spending money and even someone with 0 coins can travel to the slime island. After arriving at the slime island, you'll have to kill some slimes, it after a while, you will get a "Buffalkor Island Key". use it to travel to the Buffalkor Island, and mine those iron!

3. The Wizard Island

In Buffalkor Island, you will notice another portal! That will lead you straight to the Wizard Island! But wait, you don't have the Wizard Island Key? Don't worry! All you have to do is kill those Buffalkors. Easy, right? Well killing the Buffalkors will be the trickiest part as the Buffalkors deal 10 damage, and the player health is 100. So 10 hits, you're dead! I recommend making at least an Iron War Axe which will make it easier to kill the Buffalkors. Once you have gotten the Wizard Island Key, enter the portal. When you arrive, you will see some ores. Well, what are you waiting for? Go mine those iron nodes before the others!

Below is one of the easiest way to get crystallized iron! Hope this helped you, and GOOD LUCK!!


Iron Totems, Pickaxe, Any block you like. (Stone recommended)

Step 1: Buy Iron Totems!

For this easy method, you will be needing some iron totems. To get them, just go to the Main Island, look for someone with the name "Totems" above his head! Click "F" if you are on PC, and buy the Iron Totem!

Step 2: Make a Platform.

Use stone or any kind of block you like (I recommend using stone) to make a small or a big platform.

Step 3: Place Down the Iron Totem.

Take the iron totem you bought and place it down on the platform you made.

Step 4: Wait for the Nodes to Spawn.

After placing them down, the totems will slowly start to spawn some iron nodes. So, patience is important.

Step 5: Mine the Node!

Mine the nodes down and get your crystallized iron! To increase chances,you can buy more iron totems and expand your platform.