Introduction: Easiest Way to Use Silhouette Portrait

Thanks to multiple settings in the silhouette portrait software, the cutting of required stencils by machine is a daunting task for first timers.

Here I'm sharing the most straightforward method to quickly cut stencils. Utilizing this you can cut stencils within a minute.


Silhouette Portrait Machine


USB cable A to B

Cardstock sheet

Step 1: Open the Silhouette Studio on Your Laptop.

Open the silhouette studio on your laptop you will see the screen as in figure 1.

Now insert/import image of the stencils which you need to cut.

Step 2: Select the Trace Area

Click on the trace panel you will see on the right side of your silhouette studio. Click on that option, you will see "select the trace area".

Now select the area by right clicking your mouse for cutting of the stencils.

You will see the selected area change into the yellow color.

Step 3: Trace Your Image

Now click on the "Trace" option you will see right side below.

So you will see the red outline on your images which have to be cut as stencils.

The red area signifies the region/lines where the cutter will move.

Step 4: Click on Send Button

Click on the Send button on your silhouette studio.

You will see 3 option there.

1. Select the material.Choose the material you want to cut. Here we are using cardstock plain.

2. Select the action. Choose a Cut option and for tool choose ratchet blade. Put your ratchet blade on corresponding number setting.

3.Now click to send option.

Step 5: Add Cardstock Sheet to Silhouette Portrait

Stick cardstock sheet on sticking cutting mat and load it on the silhouette portrait.

As you click on send option on your laptop, it starts cutting.

The stencil is ready for use !!

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