Easiest No Sew Way to Make an Interchangeble Flip Flop Back Strap




Introduction: Easiest No Sew Way to Make an Interchangeble Flip Flop Back Strap

This is a great fix for comfortable sandals or flip flops which you just want to stay on and wear all summer long. 

I had been looking for adult sized stay on straps for flip flops for a while and couldn't find any anywhere to buy these. The tutorials i did find were complicated involving sewing machines and elastic which makes for a big project for me so i stumbled n this idea and feel i must share this with everyone.

1. bra strap from a strapless bra- that's it.

Note:  You want to choose the straps with the best hook part so that it stays on and doesn't slide around when you are wearing them.

The black bra strap in my photo is the most secure and has been worn all day long without slipping out.  
Notice the knob at the hook part and it's made of metal which is better than plastic bra strap hooks

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    6 months ago on Introduction

    I want an instructable that shows how to use elastic or other material for making backstraps. Using bra straps would probably entail buying a very nice (expensive) bra and taking the straps off. (Ahem. If I wore no straps, I'd lose every little thing encumbered in the bra itself--if ya now what I mean.
    Please help us devise making straps from sewing materials or existing clothing piecesl (like maybe stretchy jeans?). I think the ones here would undoubtedly be recognized as bra straps, and I don't want to look down and imagine. The pretty colors here wouldn't be available where I live. By the way, I LOVE Instructables; I just need more options. Thanks