Introduction: Easily Removable Vise

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The "shop" that came with our current house is an 8x10' shed set up with parallel benches on the long sides with shelves at the end opposite the door. One bench is a Harbor Freight job. The other is a homebuilt bench with sturdy underpinnings but the particle board top was warping. So I unbolted the metal vise and temporarily stuck an old door on top of that bench. Until I rebuild that top, I wanted a place to park the vise that would enable me to use it while being easy to remove so the benchtop can be cleared for projects. Left to my own devices, this is what I came up with (see @jwilliamsen's Portable Vise 'ible for a slicker solution).


Step 1: Dogging the Vise Down

The Harbor Freight bench comes with dog holes, both on the bench and two on the end vise. So I rummaged around and found a nice spike to insert in the left vise bolt hole through one of the work top dog holes. I ignored the middle bolt hole of the vise and found a bolt that would fit through the right vise hole and fit into the dog hole on the end vise.

The hole in the vise is a bit smaller than my dog holes. If you wanted to be smurfy, you could use a length of dowel that snugly fits into the dog hole and whittle the upper part of the dowel to fit into the vise bolt hole.

I stuck a couple of nuts near the end of the bolt I found and threaded it through the bolt hole. Then I dropped the bolt into the dog hole.

To secure the metal vise, I crank the edge vise in and while the bolt is initially a loose fit, it gets jammed in the dog hole nicely and the vise is secured pretty well, considering.

Advice to this novice welcome, so I can revise the vise placement, or vice versa. Otherwise I'll go back to my Miami Vice reruns.