Easily Trick Out an RC Car With One Thing!

Introduction: Easily Trick Out an RC Car With One Thing!

Hi guys! I'm going to show you how to trick out your RC car. The only thing you need: glow paint! The best kind is a dimensional fabric paint found at Michaels or another art store, but really any glow in the dark paint works. Fair warning: The pictures of it in the dark are a lot duller that they would be in real life. Anyway, here we go!

Step 1: Painting the Car

First, get your paint and if applicable, take the body off your car. Then, take the paint and outline dominant lines on the body design, or if there is a solid color, create your own design! The pictures are really the main part of this i'ble. Now, you can also put a dot of paint on the on side of the switch and on the switch itself so you can see it in the dark, and you can put some on the wheels, spoiler, and bump bars. It's all up to you, so be creative about it!

Step 2: Painting the Remote

On the remote, do most of the same thing, and put paint in the creases of the remote. You can also put some on and/or around the control sticks/trigger and antenna, and on the on side of the switch and on the switch. If your remote has a steering wheel, put paint on that. Again, it's mostly about the pictures, and be creative!

Step 3: Drying

I bought Tulip dimensional fabric paint, and it takes around 4 hours to dry. Look at your paint's directions and allow it time to dry. Test it with your finger before you drive it.

Step 4: Conclusion

Finally, let the paint soak up light, wait until it's dark and take it for a spin! It really adds a coolness factor to night driving, and makes your car visible. You can also see my Instructable on custom LED neon for RC cars. Thanks for reading and always remember to be creative! Please vote, comment, and subscribe!

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