Introduction: Easily Turn Cheapest Tough Meat Into the Most Tender Fall Apart Meat in 1pan

The easiest way to make fall-apart mouth watering tender pieces of meat from the cheapest toughest cuts!!

Step 1: Get Some Cheap Meat!!-this Is Stewing Beef

you will need. .. oven proof frying pan,cheap meat,oil,garlic,apple cider vinegar,salt,pepper & (herbs optional)

Step 2: Brown in Frying Pan..

Brown off in a little oil in frying pan for a few minutes either side..this helps to add more flavour & seal in juices

Step 3: Add Extra Ingredients..

take Pan off heat & add salt,pepper, a few spoonfuls of crushed garlic-(as much as you like!) & optional-whatever herbs you have around..I used parsley &thyme stalks in this one..

Step 4: The Secret Ingredient!..

The Secret ingredient!-add a dash-(about a shot worth) of apple cider vinegar. ..the vinegar breaks down the hard tissue &'tough bits'!

Step 5: Seal Pan

cover pan with foil,ensuring it's sealed completely. .. & put in oven at about 160 degrees ..for at least 2hours...

Step 6: Enjoy!

after about 2hours on low/slow bake-remove the pan.When you turn the pieces over-the pieces will be slightly caramelized &fall apart with a spoon!!

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