Introduction: Easter Birds Nests.

I'm not a huge fan of Easter eggs, But I  love chocolate spiders, they are as rich and delicious as Easter chocolates, but  they are also crunchy and cute.

It's incredibly easy, it can all be done in the microwave, all you need to know is how to melt chocolate.

Step 1: You Will Need;

This recipe makes about 15 nests, 2.5" big


-360g Deep Fried noodles ('Yee mee') - I found these just in the local supermarket (coles) in the international section. You can use instant ramen, but it doesn't taste as nice, and you must make sure it is pre-cooked and within use-by.

-500g Milk Chocolate/Peanut butter drops/dark chocolate/ or a mix of chocolates that you have left over after Easter.

-30-45 "Birds Eggs" (candy coated eggs) ) exact numbers depends on how many eggs you want per nests, and how big you make your nests. or you can make your own truffle eggs to go in the nests.


-Large Microwave proof bowl OR double boiler

-Cookie trays or chopping boards with parchment paper/wax paper/baking paper.

-Heat prof spatula/wooden spoon.

-Piping bag/Microwave proof zip lock bag.


Step 2: Melt the Chocolate.

First, Set up your cookie trays with the non-stick paper or simply grease the trays. You can use wax paper as you will not be baking the nests, but certain brands may leave a residue on the nests.

Next, begin melting the chocolate. Break the chocolate up into very small pieces to help them melt faster, You can melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl by zapping it for 30 sec, then stirring, then zapping it for another 30, stirring and repeating this until it is melted. I used a double boiler, because I did not have any microwavable bowls big enough for the chocolate and the noodles that will be added later.

Be careful not to split or burn the chocolate.

Step 3: Add the Noodles

This step is really fun, and if you have young kids they will love to help out, mainly because its an excuse to get your hands covered in chocolate and as we all know the only way to clean chocolate off your hands is to eat it off.

Add the noodles to the melted chocolate, its ok to break the noodles into small pieces, but try not to turn it into crumbs.

When the chocolate is covering all the noodles, grab handfuls of the mix and drop it onto the cookie trays. Try to keep it in one piece, but there is no need to roll it or shape it too much. Just push an indent into the center. this will help the eggs sit in place.

Step 4: Lay Some Eggs

There are two ways you can lay the eggs in place, the fastest and easiest way is to push the eggs into the nest immediately after shaping the nest, so that the whole piece cools and sets together.

I have had some problems with it falling apart in the past, which is no big deal, but if you are after a more 'finished' look, Wait for the nests to cool, then pipe the eggs on separately.

To do this, just melt some more chocolate, and put it in a piping bag (Or cheat like I do and melt some chocolate directly in a zip lock bag, then snip the corner) then put a little chocolate on the egg, and use it to glue it to the nest.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Depending on what type of chocolate you used, the nest may need to be put in the fridge to cool and set, Once they are solid, check to make sure each egg is attached firmly, If not, put a small bit of melted chocolate around the sides.

When they are all cool, you can bag them up as gifts, or eat them then and there. But I'll warn you, they are incredibly rich.