Introduction: Easter Bunny Bowl

For Easter I made a bowl to hold my Easter candy. A free template pattern is available for download.

Please also watch the video on YouTube about this build and subscribe to my channel!

Step 1: Print Out the Template

First I printed out my template pattern. Be sure to print it with 100% scale and not fit to size.

It will print on multiple pages and hat to be taped or glued together.

Step 2: Creating the Template

I glued the template on an piece of MDF and cut everything out on my scroll saw.

Step 3: Preparing the Stock

I looked through my lumber storage and found two pieces of spruce. Unfortunately they were not big enough to cover the whole bowl, so I decided to make it out of two different species. As second type of wood I used two scrap pieces of laminated beech.

Step 4: Remove Material With Forstner Bits

I used the template to draw the contour on both pieces separately and used Forstner bits of different sizes to remove the majority of the wood. This produced a lot of chips.

Step 5: Remove Material Using a Router

The next step was to attach the template to the stock and use the router to remove the rest in several passes.

Step 6: Cut the Shape

I cut the outline on the band saw. You may also use a scroll saw for that.

Step 7: Sanding and Finishing

After a lot of tweaking and sanding both pieces were finished with a 1:4 wax mineral oil mixture.

Step 8: Result

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