Easter Egg Decoration or Gift Craft




Introduction: Easter Egg Decoration or Gift Craft

This is a very fun (and messy) Easter craft to use as decoration or even to give to a family member, friend, or teacher! Kids are encouraged to participate!!

Step 1: Supplies

Initial Steps Supplies Used
1 spool of Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread in a spring color 
balloon (I used 22.8cm size balloons)
Sta-Flo liquid starch
cookie sheet or anything to pore the starch in

Decorating Supplies Used
Easter grass in spring colors
3/8" daisy chain or buttons
Plush bunny toy 
glue (hot glue gun would work well, I used Aleene's fast grab tacky glue)

Step 2: Time to Get Messy

Blow up balloon to desired size. (These are large eggs. Perfect for using as a basket with gifts inside. The first photo shows the size of the balloon in contrast with my hand.) Pour a bit of liquid starch on the cookie sheet. Roll the balloon around in the starch. (The liquid starch won't want to stick to balloon so start wrapping thread quickly.) Start wrapping the thread around the balloon. There is no right or wrong way to wrap this thread. It can be wrapped length wise or width wise or both. I did a bit of both. 

Step 3: Keep Wrapping

Continue to wrap the balloon with the entire spool of thread. 

Step 4: Drench and Dry

Place the completely wrapped balloon on the cookie sheet, and pour a bit of the liquid starch on the balloon. Use your hands to spread it over the thread gently. Continue doing this until the thread is soaked. Place the balloon, tied end up, on a cup over foil.  Let dry for 24 hours. 

Step 5: Pop!

After the balloon has dried completely, get something sharp and give it to your child!! (But PLEASE supervise!!!) My son loves to pop balloons and this step was "COOL!!!" (the sound of the balloon peeling from the tread was what was cool.) If you don't have a hole large enough to remove the deflated balloon pieces, leave them until decorating step. 

Step 6: Cut and Decorate!

Use scissors and cut an opening to desired size. (I used childrens safety scissors. Very easy to cut but be gentle.) Add Easter grass inside, daisy chain or buttons around the rough edges of the opening, and a toy (or any decoration) to the top or inside the egg. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this idea!! I am a nanny for two smart young people, and we are always looking for new creative ways to pass the time. Thanks for sharing your methods!!

    Cute! I haven't seen this technique with a hole cut into it before! It looks nice with the Easter basket grass inside.