Introduction: Easter Hat

Hello, Here at home, since childhood, we have a tradition of making baskets for the Easter bunny lay eggs. This is one of the baskets we made this year. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Cutting Parts


- Pieces of cardboard (I used a cardboard 1 / 2 centimeter thick. It was a little heavy but very stiff.)

- hot glue;

- black ink (I used spray paint);

- strip E.V.A. white tape to serve;

- screw, two washers and a nut;

- piece of fine sandpaper;

- a chocolate egg

- Scissors, pen, pencil, ruler, pliers, etc ...

Using the compass, make two circles:

- a 13cm radius

- a radius of 8.5 cm *

Note: This is the inner circumference and will depend on the size of the head of whoever is using. I suggest a tape measure.

Cut a rectangle 52cm x 18 cm * (tb will depend on the inner circumference).

Cut a strip of 54cm x 3cm E.V.A. white.

After cutting the circles, the edges were left with many imperfections. I put a screw in the center and fastened with washers and nut. I put the drill and used a piece of sandpaper to correct the imperfections.:

Step 2: Assembly of the Hat

First, separate the pieces and prepare to be glued.
The rectangular piece was bent. Verify that only one side gets the other seems to be crumpled uniform. Do this carefully. Then, paste the parties as stated. Observing that the hand is crumpled inside. Now just paint.

Step 3: Ending

After assembly, just paint the hat and, after drying, glue the piece of EVA, hiding the possible imperfections of the glue.
Now, just put the hat in an easily accessible place and wait for rabbit eggs.
Hope you enjoy.

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