Introduction: Easter Rabbit Radar

A lovely Easter toy and decoration.
With Arduino and distance sensor which controls two organs and LEDs.


Arduino nano esp io shield (I used these) but, mast can also be used.
HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor.

2 SG90 micro servos

2 colored LEDs (WS2812)


Step 1: Relationship Plan

HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor becotes.
vcc - vcc

trig - 3 pin

echo - 2 pin

gnd - gnd

Motor and LED connection (nano IO shield)

1) 10 pins

2) 9 pin

led) 12 pin

Step 2: Construction

Fotmara cut cardboard sheet that can be colored later.
I used a pre-designed template that I cut on wood. PDF, AI, DXF. file

It can be painted before mounting.

This solution can be used in several versions and for example: Christmas, helloween ......

Step 3: Code

What I used to code was kneaded from two programs.
Wine bottle dares on the shelf (using FastLED) the other is the VarSpeedservo example program / Sweep TowServo.

Step 4: Test Video

Cardboard Speed Challenge

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