Introduction: Easter Toon Diorama

Hi, my name is Teagan and I love creating art with my dad. We enjoy working with woods, resin, different tools and paints, and experimenting to see what works best for each project.

As I had an Easter project to complete for school, ( to create an Easter Garden Diorama) we decided to build a 3D model using layers of wood.

NB. You could also achieve a similar result using cardboard if you were unable to use wood, which could be cut using scissors or a craft knife, (always use safety equipment).

I hope you enjoy learning how to make this layered model 'toon' diorama. Thanks so much for visiting my project.




printer for the base templates


MDF or Ply Wood ( I used 4mm Ply wood )

PVA glue


Safety eye protection

Scroll saw

Sand paper

Paint brush

Coloured paints


Step 1: Design

Sketch an idea of what you would like to build.

Step 2: Print

Print out base templates (one for each layer) in my project i used 7 layers

Step 3: Draw

Draw each layer starting with the front one first

Trace each next layer over the last

It may help to identify each layer with a reference number

My first layer was grass, my last was a hill in the distance

Step 4: Cut Out

With scissors roughly cut out the templates

Don't cut to close to the lines as you'll need them as a guide when cutting the wood

Step 5: Stick

Mix one part PVA glue with approximately 5 parts water and brush on to the wood

stick the templates to the wood and brush the diluted glue on top again

then allow them to dry

Step 6: Saw

Use a scroll saw to cut the wood in the outline of the templates

**Always use appropriate safety equipment when using tools**

Step 7: Peel

Write on the back of the wood the layer referance number

Peel the templates off the wood (if needed brush the paper with water and allow to soak)

Step 8: Sanding

Lightly sand the edges of the wood to remove any roughness and prevent splinters

Step 9: Paint

Decorate all your layers how ever you like

I used Acrylic paint and felt tip pens

**IMPORTANT only decorate the parts you will see when assembled

Leaving enough wood clear to glue together all the layers**

Step 10: Build

Start with the last layer and use PVA (no water) and stick the layers together

Step 11: Clamp

Clamp the pieces together until the glue is dry for 30 minuets to an hour

Step 12: Finished

Remove the clamps and Tadaaa!

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