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Introduction: Easy 3 Flower Crystal Ring

About: Hi, I am passionate about making crystal rings with Swarovski Crystals, I have a site on them.

Easy pattern to Make a Great 3-flower Crystal Ring
Simple steps to make your own dazzling Crystal Rings with Swarovski crystals, shine on a night out, or simply wear the crystal ring with your day-to-day clothes. You can simply use one-color crystal beads for an easy way.

You can play around with this design, the colors, or even the flowers, if you have small hands one flower, or 2 flowers. You can even make two rows of this design going vertically (running up your finger instead of across). Have fun with this easy 3 flower crystal ring, so versatile and simple to make.

Step 1: Items Needed to Make Crystal Ring:

10-4mm Czech Beads
12-4mm Swarovski Crystal Beads, 4 in darker (a), 4 in lighter shade (b), 4 in neutral shade (c) or (simply use
No.8 seed beads (I always use the clear one)
Fishing Line 0,20mm in thickness (fly or nylon)
2 No.10 Zohata beading needles with big eye
Hypo-cement or glue

Step 2: Base of Crystal Ring in Czech Crystals

1. Thread 2 needles with nylon, adding 3 of the Czech beads, add the 4th bead to one of the threads, then cross other needle through it as well. It should look like 4 beads, like a miniature square.
2. Add 1 Czech bead each on each needle, add the 3rd bead on needle, cross through it cross through it with the other needle, ending at top.
3. Continue until you have used all 10 Czech beads and you have 3 little squares.

Step 3: Top of Crystal Ring

You can simply use all the small crystal beads, but for a striking effect this works.
1. Start with 2 needles with thread threaded through both. On thread from top left side of square add 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead in “b” color plus a seed bead, add 1 more of “a” crystal bead, threading from left side to right side of first little square, going through right of the bottom base Czech bead.
2. Take other needle from right side of square add 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead of “b” color go through seed bead (of step 1 you have done with “a” color), add the second bead of “a” color, now go through left side Czech bead on base.
3.Take 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead of “c” color add a seed bead, add another “c” color bead, repeat with a “c” from other side, through seed bead then another  “c” bead.
4.Take 1 Swarovski Crystal Bead of “a” color add a seed bead, add a “b” color, go through bottom of Czech bead. Repeat with other thread adding the “a” color bead go through seed bead add “b” color bead go through the Czech bead from the other side.
5. You should have all 3 flowers finished.

Step 4: Band of Crystal Ring

Band of Crystal Ring
1. Carry on from where you finished the 3 flowers if you have enough thread. Otherwise get a strand of nylon line on 2 needles, then thread through topside of Czech bead. If 3 flowers are vertical, the Czech bead right on top of the 3 flowers.
2. Add 2 seed beads on each thread; add another 2 seed beads, cross the other needle through last 2 seed beads. (6 seed beads, 2 of each side, 2 to finish the link you cross through these 2).
3. Add 2 more seed beads on each, then 2 seed beads and cross through with other needle.
4. Carry on until desired length, 7-links for small fingers on seed beads (fits on my middle finger), 8 or for bigger fingers. Adjust, measure on finger as you make the band, or use a ring sizer
(Free download paper ring sizer on the web)

Step 5: Finishing Off Crystal Ring

I sew through all the crystals, strengthening top crystals, as well as the band, makes it more durable and not so soft.
Knot the 2 threads together in centre of base of Czech beads, underneath, add a dollop of cement/glue. Tidy up by sewing threads into base.

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