Introduction: Easy 3D Heart

This is a bit random for Christmas, but it's a cute DIY that you can make. Even though it doesn't scream 'holiday' it still will be appreciated by lots of people. It's cute, simple, and easy, which is perfect in my opinion. Materials:

~ cardboard

~ hot glue (lots of it) (Reminder: always be careful when using hot glue, getting burned is not fun, and definitely ruins the DIY mood when you have to put your finger in ice)

~ plastic/cardboard/fabric/paper/thick paper

~ nail polish

~ paint

And that's it!

Step 1: Cut

You're going to cut the cardboard into two hearts, measure them to make them the same size. Next, find something that you can put around the edges. I used plastic, but you can use basically anything, cardboard, fabric, poster paper, even regular paper will work, but it might not be as fancy. Cut it so that you have two strips. Make sure that the strips fit around the sides of the heart. If they're too long, cut them. Don't glue anything just yet.

Step 2: Paint

Paint the strips and the hearts whatever color you want. I painted it pink using acrylic paint. Painting plastic is harder than it looks, so a good tip for painting plastic, if you're using it - first, do 2-4 coats of paint, just painting normally, then do a coat where you blot it with lots of paint of your paintbrush. This makes it seem really full and colorful. If you're using cardboard for this, it might be hard to bend, so I don't recommend it.

Step 3: Dots

This part is optional, I just thought it looked nice. I made a bunch of small dots out of hot glue. Then, I used red nail polish to give it a pinkish colors by painting the bottom of the dots, so that the polish seems like it's just part of the glue. It also makes it dry faster than if you paint the whole dot. When I put the dots onto the cardboard heart, I laid them out in the shape of a heart. To glue them on, I didn't want to mess up the shape of the dots with hot glue, and I didn't want to wait forever for liquid glue to dry, and I didn't think that a glue stick would make them stick very well. So I did a bit of experimenting and found out that nail polish actually worked better than I thought. Of course, it's not the stickiest, so don't try pulling it off to see if it will stay, because it probably won't, but trying to rub and shake and pull (with the force of a 3-year-old), it proved to be pretty stable. And pretty. So I just glued them on with nail polish. Perfectly normal. :)

Step 4: 3D

This part was probably the hardest. For this, you have to turn to heart 3D. Glue the plastic strips on, make sure they're even, or it will be hard later. Do it for the other side, too. When you're finished, let it dry and glue on the other heart, making sure that the strips are even so that it looks good.

Step 5: Done

You're done! You can use this for basically anything - birthdays, decor, whatever. I'm using it for Christmas for my mom. I was inspired by all those things on Pinterest where people make 3D letters and things and decorate them with pompoms and things like that, but when I didn't know what letter to make it (Should I put it for my mom's first name? But I never call her that. And if I put "m" for mom, then won't that be a bit weird?) I decided that a shape would do better than a letter, and so the heart came along. And no, I had no plan at all, I was just going along and hoping it worked, which it did! I have to say, the dots look really nice. Anyway, bye!

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