Easy ARM7 Quick Start Guide

Introduction: Easy ARM7 Quick Start Guide

About: ENTESLA is an Embedded Systems Design and Solution provider based in Mumbai,India.

Easy ARM7 is a starter board for LPC2148 microcontroller. It is a very low cost tool designed to provide a hassle free approach to getting started with ARM7 family of microcontrollers. The small form factor, on-chip bootloader and USB powered makes it easy to embed it into a variety of applications. It is breadboard compatible too!

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Step 1: Installing the Device Drivers

  • Easy ARM7 comes with a USB-Serial converter on-board which also doubles up as a Programmer.
  • Install the CP210x Drivers before connecting the development board to the USB port of your workstation.
  • Also install the Flash Magic utility required for programming the microcontroller.
  • The drivers are available for download in the Download section of the product page at www.entesla.com.

Step 2: Connect Your Easy ARM7

  • Connect your Easy ARM7 to the usb port of your workstation.
  • Windows shall automatically detect the device driver and install itself. Check under the COM ports section in Device Manager and note the respective COM port number as shown in the picture.

Step 3: The Board Powers Up!

The board powers up. The power LED2 lights up as a power status indication. The LED blinking code is executed. Notice that LED1 blinks continuously with an interval of 1 second.

Step 4: Run the Programming Utility...

  • Run Flash Magic and upload the settings file. Download the file from the attachments to this step.
  • Select the COM port as noted in Device Manager.
  • Browse for the uart0.hex file from the HEX file folder and click the START button to program.
  • Wait until a “Finished” status is observed in the status bar at the bottom.

Step 5: Test the UART0 Code...

  • Open terminal from the “Tools” option in Flash Magic.
  • Configure the serial port with 9600 baud rate and select the COM port number as done before.
  • A window opens and the data transmitted by Easy ARM7 over serial communication is displayed. Press the RESET button on the board if the terminal does not display any data.
  • Now you can now checkout how this all works by installing the Keil compiler and opening the UART0 project in the Firmware folder. Also use the User Manual and Schematic as a reference. Check the download section in the product page at www.entesla.com for more resources.

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