Introduction: Easy! Add Dust Collection to Circular Saw for Under Five Dollars!

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Dust collection on power tools is important because none of us want to be dragging an oxygen bottle around with us! Unfortunately, very few circular saws allow for any kind of dust collection and the few that do are typically very expensive. This easy upgrade makes a dramatic improvement!

Step 1: Add a Dust Fitting

Most inexpensive circular saws have a hole toward the back of the blade housing where dust spews out. Dust fittings for vacuum cleaners are available at woodworking stores and certainly they are available on Amazon, too. You could probably even find a plumbing fitting that would work.

I purchased one of these fittings and simply epoxied it over the dust port on the side of my saw.

Now I can attach a vacuum cleaner to the saw and collect the dust before it can get to my lungs!