Introduction: Easy Amigurumi Character

A friend from work asked me to make him some character from Game of Thrones, so this is what I made. I didn't have much time, so I tried coming up with something that was easy and fast to make. The instructions here can be changed to make any character you want, just changing the colors, the hair, the clothes and the details.

These two characters were made using this same basic pattern.

I work everything on the round, and use a magic ring to start almost everything. If you don’t know how to make a magic ring, here is a great tutorial from PlanetJune.

Mark the beginning of the rows with a piece of contrasting color yarn. The numbers in parenthesis are the number of stitches you'll have at the end of each row.

I’ve tested this only once, so if there’s a mistake or something that doesn’t quite work let me know so I can fix it.

Step 1: Stitches Used

Here is a list of the abbreviations I used:

ch: chain

sl st: slip stitch

st: single crochet

Here is a page where there are tutorials for each of these stitches

Step 2: Start With the Shoes / Boots / Feet and Legs

Make 2 of these. Cut the yarn only on the first one, leaving a 2.5-inch tail. We'll join then continuously crocheting from the second one.

1: st 6 in magic ring (6)

2: (St in next, st 2 in next) around (9)

3: (St in next 2, st 2 in next) around (12)

4: St around (12)

5: (St in next 3, st 2 in next) around(15)

6-9: St around (15)

Here I changed from dark green to brown, to make the change from the boots to the pants.

10-20: St around (15)

Step 3: Join the Legs to Finish the Pants

Continue with the yarn in 2nd leg. This part is a little hard to explain, but it's not hard to do. I hope the pictures help.

21: St in next 11 stitches on 1st leg (w/ yarn from 2nd leg). There are 15 stitches in each leg, so I marked the fourth stitch from the end on each leg.

22: St in 5th stitch of 1st leg.

23: St in next 10 stitches of 1st leg.

Using tail from 1st leg stitch the hole left between the 2 legs

24-25: St around (22)

Step 4: Make the Torso

Here I wanted to finish the pants, so I changed to skin color.

26: St around (22)

Stuff legs

27-34: St around (22)

This character has a bikini top so I changed to brown

35-38: St around (22)

Change back to skin color

39: St around (22)

Start stuffing torso

Step 5: Make the Arms

The arms are made separately, and we'll join them using the same yarn that we're using on the body. If you want you can start by the arms, but this way you can measure them against the body to have a better idea of how long you want to make them.

1: 6 in magic ring (6)

2: (St in next, st 2 in next) around (9)

3: (St in next 2, st 2 in next) around (12)

4-5: St around (12)

I wanted to make bracers, so I changed to brown

6-8: St around (12)

Change back to skin color

9-16: St around (12)

Cut leaving 5 cm tail

Step 6: Join the Arms to the Torso

Here we'll continue crocheting where we left of the torso.

40: St 6

Join the 1st arm: St 8 on arm. Skip 4 stitches on the torso. St 6 on the torso.

Join the 2nd arm: St 8 on arm. Skip 4 stitches on the torso. St 2 on torso

Use tails to sew holes between arms and torso

41: St around (30)

Start stuffing the arms.

Now we'll form the shoulders.

42: St 7. Dec, St. Dec, St. Dec. St 6. Dec, St. Dec, St. Dec. St (22)

43: St 7. Dec, St, Dec. St 6. Dec, St, Dec. St (20)

44: St 6. Dec, Dec. St 4. Dec, Dec, St. (15)

44-45: St around (15)

Step 7: Make the Head and Attach Hair

Continue from the torso

46: (St in next 4, st 2 in next) around (18)

47: (St in next 5, st 2 in next) around (21)

48: (St in next 6, st 2 in next) around (24)

49: (St in next 7, st 2 in next) around (27)

50: St around (27)

51: (St in next 8, st 2 in next) around (30)

52: (St in next 9, st 2 in next) around (33)

53: St around (33)

54: (St in next 9, dec.) (30)

55: (St in next 8, dec.) (27)

54: (St in next 7, dec.) (24)

55: (St in next 6, dec.) (21)

If you are using safety eyes, place them now

56: (St in next 5, dec.) (18)

57: (St in next 4, dec.) (15)

Start filling the head

58: (St in next 3, dec.) (12)

59: (St in next 2, dec.) (9)

60: Dec around (6)

Close the head

I found this really nice page with tutorials to make different kinds of hairs for your amigurumi dolls, it's in Spanish, but has a lot of pictures. She also suggests changing colors when making the head to have hair color where you want the hair to be, so you can do that if you want.

Long straight h air

Long wavy hair

Short wavy hair


Step 8: Final Details

You now have a complete character, you can now add features to the face, make clothes or anything you can think of.

I made a bikini top and a belt for the first one, and added a beard to the second one.

Have fun making all kinds of characters!

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