Introduction: Easy Among Us Costume.

Hi I'm Anthony Grimes and I am going to show you how to easily make an among us costume with things from around the house.


  1. A choice of an among us color.
  2. Pants and shirt matching that color.
  3. 2 hats: one matching your color choice, the other is light blue.
  4. A cloth face mask matching your color choice.
  5. Gloves of a matching color.

Step 1: Colors

First you need to choose your color. The colors are red, blue, green, yellow, orange, black, white, purple, cyan, brown, lime.

Step 2: Body and Legs

Now for your body. You need to put on your shirt. If there are any large spots of another color, I would suggest covering it with taped on paper.(Of the matching color of course!!!)Do the same thing with your pants once they are on.

Step 3: Hands & Head

Now you need a head. What I did was find a hat with the matching color of my shirt and a light blue or cyan hat that I could see through well. If not, using face paint is also an option. I put the cyan hat on so that it covers my eyes and touches the top of my nose. After wards I grab my other hat and put it on normally. I now grab my mask and put it on. For the hands I just put on the gloves.

Step 4: Extras...

Now the rest is not required. For the O2 tank you could put on a backpack or attach a colored cardboard box. And you can also make cosmetics from in the game too.

Step 5: Finish

So now you have an among us costume that is easy and does not require special items. Thank you for reading this and enjoy your costume!! :D

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